Nov 29, 2010

Tag Time - My Sins Against Gender Stereotypes... Yay!

Thanks for the tag SB :)

Alright, so let me give this a try... Ummm

1. When I was young, and people gave a call at home for some or the other reason, they always thought I was my brother, and vice versa :P [I used to sound like a guy!] I was a complete tomboy, I had very few girl friends and I used to play cricket with the guys every evening!

2. I love taking "panga". I was always notorious. Sure, I looked like this innocent girl who could do no wrong, but only I know how many girls' plates have I studded with pen pencil lead and threw rockets in class and got punished this one time for beating a guy :| [I was a very good student though].

3. I dress for comfort. I don't know if that counts as anything, but I would be rarely seen decking up unless it is a really special occasion and it is absolutely imperative to do so. I have literally gone out with friends wearing bathroom slippers at one point of time.

4. I was, and still am, ADDICTED to WWE. I love watching it! And The Rock is my eternal hero <3

5. I am an absolute gizmo freak! I love having/knowing about different kinds of gadgets and how they work!

6. I have a huge commitment phobia [Which I am not proud of].

7. I love playing games on Xbox and on my PC and also the old classic video game. Yet to get my hands on PS! But yeah I have exploited the PSP well enough so that can wait for sometime ;)

8. I like looking at ladies (Wonder if this counts?). I really feel attracted to the beauty of women. Do not jump to conclusions. Can't girls check out other girls? It is just appreciation!

9. I chose a career path which was comparatively less taken by the average woman! So well, that is another "sin" :P I have had my share of lows and lowers in this field, but right now I am at rock bottom which I think is a good place, coz' the only way I can go from here, is UP :)

10. Last but not the least, I guess I cannot express myself like the usual girls do. I think guys are like that too, I mean I cannot come out with my emotions very easily. Actually I cannot come out with them at all.

So there, 10 sins against gender stereotype! :)
The good thing about doing tags is they never fail to teach you something more about yourself. Stuff that you never knew existed in you! Thanks once again SB!

I tag everyone :D And please leave me a link if you decide to do the tag!