Jun 12, 2012

Expectation v/s Acceptation

When we are with people we love and/or care about, we tend to do somethings and expect to be taken for granted. We expect them to just let it go. When we're close to someone, we expect them to know how our mind works and how we may or may not have reacted in such and such situation. We expect them to understand us when we are not able to express, we expect them to listen when we just wanna go on and on about nothing. We cannot help it, we just do. It is a part and parcel of every single relationship, be it personal or professional. A boss expects you to work, you expect your boss to pay you the salary. You expect Mom to to make you food when you're young and she expects you to score well in exams. You expect your boyfriend to do a certain set of things, as does he. We have to face it. We cannot help but expect, but what is more difficult, is to accept.

Acceptation is the mother of all bitches. Accepting your significant other as they are, with or without their baggage, now that is the real deal. Accepting that your child is only an average student, is an achievement. Accepting that you have grown up and may as well help Mom out with making meals at home, is a huge step. Accepting your salary coming in 15 days late in bad times is something we have to make do with, and that your employee is a lazy ass is the kind of acceptance a boss has to deal with. Acceptance is the hidden reality in every single relationship, be it personal or professional. We cannot help but expect, but we have do put in a lot of effort to accept. When we're close to someone, we have to accept them for who they are, whether they are the kinds who would go on and on even when we don't wanna listen or never utter a single word when you want them to talk. We have to accept. Because there WILL be expectations. There will be Faux Pas. The real question is, do we want to accept?

When there is acceptance, there will be more expectations. But is the person worth it? Is he or she worth investing into?

I know you are.