Dec 29, 2015


I know, I know. We are not in 2016 yet. We make all these resolutions and decide to change our lives from January 1st every year, year after year, and set goals for ourselves, but I am only coming to realize off late that it doesn't matter what date it is, what time it is, or what moment it is. On that note, let us review the year that was.

1. To be able to do lunges/squats comfortably with a barbell. - Acheived!

2. To be Bikini ready by the end of December. - Nope. Not quite there yet.

3. To start saving money (seriously, I spend everything I earn. Like, everything. Need to be more responsible) - Still working on this one.

4. Take 2 international trips and 2 trips within India. - Well, I took 1 international trip and 4 within India. Does that count? I think so.

5. To take a leap of faith careerwise. - I don't think I am quite there yet.

6. Buy a DSLR - Nope.

7. Take food blogging more seriously. - A little bit, yes.

8. Replace my entire wardrobe (except any 5 items that hold sentimental value) - A big yes!

9. Finish another Marathon. - Didn't happen.

10. Travel with Lover. - Yes.

2015 started out on a great note but I cannot say the same about the note it is ending on. I am glad that this year is getting over and I am positive that 2016 will bring in happiness and success for all of us. I have been writing these checklists for years now, but I don't think I will be continuing to do so anymore. I am going to look at the bigger picture, and just be grateful for everything that I have and pray for the well being of everyone around me. I hope 2016 makes me a better person, helps me exercise wisdom and maturity, and give me the strength to hold on to my one true love.

May the force be with all of us.

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