Feb 23, 2009


I have been waiting for over an hour,
I know he is always late,
The same excuses all the time,
Is that how people go out on dates?

The aroma of my steaming coffee
Makes me miss him all the more,
I find my head is hotter than my coffee,
I cannot take it anymore.

I fetch my cell outside my purse,
I dial his number at lightning speed,
He answers his phone after 30 seconds,
A good thrashing is what he needs.

I tell him I have had enough,
He always makes me wait,
It’s time I start to act more rough,
Or having Crème Coffees alone will increase my weight.

He lets me find a breather
Between my firing of breathless bullets,
And blames, and hurts, and words and anger.
He says, “Honey, I’m sorry, I got late.”

I cut the phone, I switch it off,
I pay my bill, I had my date!
I turn around, I scurry off,
He’s standing outside the gate.

I give him the most blank expression,
Blanker than the blankest paper,
He kisses my cheek and says “I love you”
And waves at the waiter.

I feel the melt inside my heart,
The hotter than coffee head
Is cooler than the ice cream inside its cart,
And the anger as good as dead.

We go back to resume the lost date
After I give him huge doses,
And the waiter this time gives in my plate
A couple of beautiful roses.

I look at his smiling face,
His eyes have twinkle in them,
Ladies, This is the story of Men,
You cannot live with them, You cannot live without them!

Feb 15, 2009

Another Tag, This time it's Akansha :)

Alright I am on some kind of Tag spree :P But yeah I just read Akansha's Tag [Loved it!] and since she has tagged me, here are 25 things about me you probably don't know :P

1. I actually feel sad when something bad happens with someone. I mean I know everyone show it, but few feel it genuinely. And I am one of them. Honestly I hate this because I get affected when people around me are sad, it makes me feel low too!

2. I love cooking! I am not too bad at cooking either... I love making Italian food and of course, Indian too. But I love learning about new exotic foods and recipes.

3. This one is pretty obvious. I am a total foodie! I love tasting new dishes. Like on that show... "Iron Chef America" I love doing things with various ingredients and tasting them! I went pretty out of the league when I once tried having Duck Confeit and Baked Rabbit as a main course. But I loved it! [Sorry my Vegetarian Friends :) PETA will be killing me for this :P]

4. All these "Things about me" seem to have some order of continuity. Hmmm so I am trying to convert myself into a Vegetarian. [Sorry my Non Vegetarian friends :P]

5. Enough about food now. Hmmm I am a bathroom singer! I sing the best when I am alone, more precisely in the bathroom :P And I am loud!

6. I wanted to be a Journalist eversince I had passed my class 12. And then eventually I found out how it was not feasible for me. But still, I have a passion for writing. Just letting my feelings out! As long as I am still connected to my writing :) It is all good! And besides, flying is one of the best feelings, it gives me inspiration to write more!

7. I have faced many failures and struggles in my life. Nothing ever came easy. I was always, always, ALMOST there. That is the feeling which hurts the most!

8. That is because I get carried away very easily! Atleast I used to... It's better now!

9. I have faced so many Bitches and Dogs in my life, that I am one too now :P Non harmful bitch! I don't think ill of others ever! But yeah I have started to enjoy gosipping!

10. I believe in trying and trying till I succeed. I am a living example of that. Do ask me sometime and I will tell you my dukh bhari dastaan of how I got my Commercial Pilot Licence :P

11. Falling out of love has been easy for me all my life. I get over people very very easily. A month is the maximum that was the worst case scenario.

12. I am very very reserved, maybe that is why I do not have many friends. But the people whom I am close to will agree to this, I do well as a friend :)

13. I talk less! People think it's arrogance but it's just that I cannot talk much! There was a point in my life where I was a non stop chatterbox but now it is the opposite.

14. Continued from 13th, I am a very good listener! Except for Ash :D

15. Continued from 13th too, I talk a lot, in the form of Blogging :P I find written communication a more comfortable medium to express my thoughts and feelings.

16. I get hurt very easily!

17. I forgive, but I do not forget!

18. I love the smell of paint and petrol!

19. I am a typical Taurean, I am a die hard romantic, I have special love for art, in all its forms, I am stubborn, headstrong, and I come across as a very calm person.

20. I lose my temper pretty easily, but that is the temporary temper. It gets restored within a matter of seconds. I have gotten really angry like just 2 times in 22 years. and it was ugly!

21. I love surprises! More than that, I love giving surprises to people! I get so excited when it's someones birthday or something, I would make a huge effort to make the opposite person feel special! Most of the times, I succeed too :P

22. No one, ever, has given me that kind of a surprise :(

23. I am scared of Pigeons. This I am sure most of you know. But wait till you guys see me in person!

24. I can lie, if my lies can make someone smile, or can prevent someone being hurt.

25. I love my life! I have no regrets whatsoever.

There we go... I have so many more.. But let me stop here for now :D

I would like to tag so many people, but they probably got tagged today already! So I invite anyone and everyone for this Tag :)

Tagged again! By Annie again!

I am : Original! All rights reserved!
I think : A LOT!!!
I know : a little bit of everything. Jack of all trades!
I want : A JOB! omg... Bloody recession... !#@$!@$
I have : FAT. in abundance, want some?
I wish : I had some superpowers, so I could teach all these stupid SRS people a lesson! Like shove dildo's up their asses or something :|
I hate : Yellow Chaddis :P
I miss: My classes, my lectures, my flights, I am always late!
I fear : PIGEONS... you people got NO idea.... I am absolutely petrified of them!!!
I hear : The opposite person out. Very well. While having a discussion.
I smell : like a mixture of Davidoff and Hugo Boss
I crave : Oatmeal and Egg whites for now. Better not open that door, orelse my whole diet plan will go for a toss, you would find me having cheese bursts and chocolate truffles by the end of the day!
I search : A lot on Google! People truly go like WTF when they see me googling things that are so irrelevant. But you know what, it really helps!
I wonder : This could be a long one.. I am full of general and non general wonderings! I am like the wondergirl of the wonderland :P But yeah, I do wonder why I come across soooooooo many people who are absolutely impractical and stupid! [I'm not saying I am any less, but there are worse!]
I regret : Nothing! I am happy and content with what I had and what I got now!
I love : Al Pacino. And George Clooney. And yeah Tom Cruise. How could I forget Robert De Niro? OMG now this gate has opened... Nooooooooooooooo.....How could I forget the love of my life...Manoj!
I ache : I always have some kind of ache going on. Right now, my neck is aching!
I was not : As headstrong as I am now.
I am not : A rude person!
I cry : RIVERS! That is the secret of my beautiful eyes ;;)
I believe : In Justin Baba... What goes around comes around!
I dance : All the freaking time, I mean, when I am not dancing in person, I am thinking of dancing or whenever a music plays I think of dance moves and all :| I know I am crazy!
I sing : when I am in the mood!
I read : Anything but my study material! But on a more serious note, that is what I read :| And nowadays I read BLOGS! Especially Writers Lounge, and it has so much stuff that I am having a hard time catching up!
I don't always : come across as the girl I am. People find me stubborn and full of attitude when they see me first.
I fight : When I fight, its WAR!
I write : for bliss! Writing makes me feel at complete peace!
I win : calories every time I eat :| I have them in abundance!
I lose : fights with Ash. Every single time!
I never : Sleep without brushing my teeth, no matter how drunk or wasted I am!
I always : Create a mess! I am a messy girl! More so coz I am a lazy girl too!
I confuse : I can confuse people easily! If they choose to listen with a fair ear that is.
I listen : To music. Not only instrumental. But daily music. Like the guy who is hammering on a wooden table and all :P
I can usually be found : Inside my house! Gharkombdi [House Chicken]
I am scared : of Pigeons... All the friggin way! I am so scared of them! They don't let me sleep!
I need : To lose some more weight!
I am happy : I am usually happy, I mean its like.. I am not sad! Can't complain! So yeah, I am happy :P
I imagine: Oh I Imagine so many things, Right now I am imagining myself in Paris.. Shopping!

I will not be tagging anyone, but everyone is welcome to do it and post it on your blog :) Looking forward to more tags :P They're good TP and keep the Blog alive too haha..

Feb 11, 2009

My Pre Valentine Valentines Day!

Let me add my two cents to Rashi's post :)

Yesterday was a very unusual day for me. Everything about it was unplanned, well, more like it was planned but it all worked otherwise, for good! I had set my alarm clock for 8 am in the morning, which did not ring [Psst... I am so sure I turned it off and went back to sleep again], I had n unusual fight with Ash, and then I had to go for my classes all of a sudden, at urgent notice, and when I was on my way back home, there was a sudden plan of having my friend Nabila over for a one night stay at my place! Anyway, we returned home tired... Nabila followed, after a session of usual chit chatting we turned on the TV and they were talking about "The Pink Chaddi Campaign" on every news channel. I then googled it and found out the official blog for The Pink Chaddi Campaign [Know all about it here]. It was truly inspiring and within a few seconds I had my mind set on going to Lajpat Nagar and buying some pink cheap lingerie for Pramod Muthalik and his dumb SRS men. We got ready and headed out to Lajpat Nagar and went shopping for under garments. The shopkeeper asked us, "Kaunsa Size?" and we said, "Koi bhi de do, Pink color chahiye." It was so funny, the guy who sold us the undergarments and also the other fellow shopkeepers were totally confused! We bought 7 pairs of underwear, 3 of which were kid's underwear, and then we bought 2 pairs of yellow cheap underwear as well. We just could not resist! We returned home and clicked some pictures of them, wrote a note to the creator of this whole campaign, Nisha Susan, who works in Tehelka, and gift wrapped the whole package.

This morning, Nabila left early, and although I was late for my classes, I managed to take Ash along with me to the G.K. 2 market, to drop off the parcel. I spoke to Nisha Susan, she was so softspoken and she spoke very attentively which I did not expect, considering the amount of calls she must be answering everyday. I told her that I will reach her office in 5 minutes [I was stupid]. We had some heavy traffic and reached G.K.2 in half an hour instead of 5 minutes, [which caused Ash to be mad at me the whole evening and also we were late for our classes by 2 traffic filled long hours!] and then I did just the right thing to make it all the more worse by copying down the wrong address, M6 instead of M76! After a long exchange of angry looks from Ash and sorry expressions from my side, we managed to find the office of Tehelka and we dropped off the package for Nisha! The guy who received the package from me gave me a sheepish grin in return, like he knew what was inside all the packing. I smiled back and we resumed back to our long journey to the class. Luckily for me, my teacher reached an hour later than we reached, so finally me and Ash made up! What a day!

All in all, I am just happy... And more than that, I feel peaceful in all this chaos, just because I did something for a noble cause! In your faces SRS!!!

P.S. Happy Valentines Day SRS... NOT!

Feb 2, 2009


Pin drop silence, I stand amidst the center of the stage,
Miss perfect smile, covering rivers of nervousness within,
I trust my buoyancy, yet I shiver to the soul
But the podium supports me, standing ahead
With the paper papyrus and the ink filled feather.
Excited, exhilarated, delighted and elated
With the Compères words, I feel the flutter.

"What inspires you to win this crown?" He takes a pause
"You have two minutes, your time begins now"
I think of things that inspire every other,
The first thing I think that inspires, is mother,
I try to think out of the box, when I look above
And ahead of me lies deep, deep darkness,
So silent it feels with murmurs and whispers
I hear the murmurs loud in my ears,
"Go for it, India" I heard a cheer.

I then looked down, kept running my feather
And it rolled my mind on that papyrus paper.
I surpassed the infinite numbness,
The songs, the announcements rendered with my deafened ears,
The next thing I heard loud, was the same crowd cheer,
When the distance between the Universe and India seemed near.
I looked everywhere for inspiration, and it was right here!

P.S. I wrote this poem for a poetry contest on the Writer's Lounge. Do let me know how you like it people. I need criticism on this one!