Feb 11, 2009

My Pre Valentine Valentines Day!

Let me add my two cents to Rashi's post :)

Yesterday was a very unusual day for me. Everything about it was unplanned, well, more like it was planned but it all worked otherwise, for good! I had set my alarm clock for 8 am in the morning, which did not ring [Psst... I am so sure I turned it off and went back to sleep again], I had n unusual fight with Ash, and then I had to go for my classes all of a sudden, at urgent notice, and when I was on my way back home, there was a sudden plan of having my friend Nabila over for a one night stay at my place! Anyway, we returned home tired... Nabila followed, after a session of usual chit chatting we turned on the TV and they were talking about "The Pink Chaddi Campaign" on every news channel. I then googled it and found out the official blog for The Pink Chaddi Campaign [Know all about it here]. It was truly inspiring and within a few seconds I had my mind set on going to Lajpat Nagar and buying some pink cheap lingerie for Pramod Muthalik and his dumb SRS men. We got ready and headed out to Lajpat Nagar and went shopping for under garments. The shopkeeper asked us, "Kaunsa Size?" and we said, "Koi bhi de do, Pink color chahiye." It was so funny, the guy who sold us the undergarments and also the other fellow shopkeepers were totally confused! We bought 7 pairs of underwear, 3 of which were kid's underwear, and then we bought 2 pairs of yellow cheap underwear as well. We just could not resist! We returned home and clicked some pictures of them, wrote a note to the creator of this whole campaign, Nisha Susan, who works in Tehelka, and gift wrapped the whole package.

This morning, Nabila left early, and although I was late for my classes, I managed to take Ash along with me to the G.K. 2 market, to drop off the parcel. I spoke to Nisha Susan, she was so softspoken and she spoke very attentively which I did not expect, considering the amount of calls she must be answering everyday. I told her that I will reach her office in 5 minutes [I was stupid]. We had some heavy traffic and reached G.K.2 in half an hour instead of 5 minutes, [which caused Ash to be mad at me the whole evening and also we were late for our classes by 2 traffic filled long hours!] and then I did just the right thing to make it all the more worse by copying down the wrong address, M6 instead of M76! After a long exchange of angry looks from Ash and sorry expressions from my side, we managed to find the office of Tehelka and we dropped off the package for Nisha! The guy who received the package from me gave me a sheepish grin in return, like he knew what was inside all the packing. I smiled back and we resumed back to our long journey to the class. Luckily for me, my teacher reached an hour later than we reached, so finally me and Ash made up! What a day!

All in all, I am just happy... And more than that, I feel peaceful in all this chaos, just because I did something for a noble cause! In your faces SRS!!!

P.S. Happy Valentines Day SRS... NOT!


Love said...

Women and Pink Chaddi.....

Great work !

Something more is required to defame India. Great approach ! What Mutalik did was fully wrong but what these people are going to do is more shameful. Women are taking initiative to this type of protest ? What you want to Show ?
Only that you are only goods to be used ? Why you want to be loosed ? Only to be used as a toy ? Why sending only Chaddies, go further send Your undergarments or more if you do not mind why not present yourself before those goons to be used ?


on all you to support such vulgarity and following blindly the western culture. What this culture will give you ? Only loneliness, frustration and the feeling of been used . All the decent women refrain from such acts only those who do not have any respect for elders and their ethos indulge in such acts.These women are those who want to drink and get "Used" by everyone.

And the men joining them are only those who want to exploit them. Is there anyone who will take his wife, daughter, sister along with him to the pub and present them to someone for enjoying sex and wine ?? No, no one will do this but they can do this with their so called girlfriends as they know that they are not going to marry them and some other persons life will get ruined. But do not worry there is a circle.....

gargi said...

What do i say...

Yes I am. This is no campaign showing that we are VULGAR. Because we are SO NOT VULGAR!!! Just because we as women thought of standing up and showing our anger, we get termed as "those who want to drink and get "Used" by everyone.
This is not us stripping our clothes or anything people! This is our anger which is spitting on that fuckhead's face and saying we will so not listen to you because we care about our country and we care about our freedom as women!
I am so damn angry with those people who are terming us as some sex toys! Such people might as well joing the SRS and receive some more shit from us! Becuase thats what they DESERVE! There is a large number of the women who are supporting this campaign who dont even go to pub or drink! (Include me in that!).
The only reason I am totally supporting this cause is because I dont want my country to become another Afghanistan being ruled by maniacs like Taliban who treat women like piece of shit! And those who dont support this campaign and label us girls as "things to be used" are BLOODY COWARDS!.
We are just celebrating a day dedicated to love! And we are damn proud of it! Infact I celebrate every day and dedicate it to my loved ones! I will never stop celebrating Valentine's Day come whatever!

A standing ovation to the "Pink Chaddhi" campaign followers! I am happy to be a part of this campaign!



aZoed said...

noble cause.. ? not too sure. 'coz the people to whom this is intended to teach a lesson aren't likely to learn at least this way... and since they don't have a sense of shame (or pride) they won't really be affected...
but yes, I do agree that this is more than just a cheap gimmick. You do have to draw people's attention to self proclaimed moral police, who surely are going to end us up as a non - tolerant nation...
nice work there... hope it helps the real cause too!

Kishore Choudhary said...

एक केम्पेन एक समर्थन एक विरोध प्रतिक्रिया एक समर्थन में अभिव्यक्ति और तीसरी टिपण्णी जो कुछ कह नहीं रही, मै इस पाश्चात्य प्रेरित कृत्य के समर्थन में नही हूँ तो विरोध भी इस लिए नही है क्योंकि जब आप उसका अनुसरण करते है तो पिंक के लिए भी तैयार रहिये. लव उनका बचाव कर रहे है जो वास्तव मै इस पोस्ट अथवा अभियान के परिदृश्य में है ही नहीं, राशि और एश को इस बात की बधाई कि वे खामोश नहीं है वक्त सिर्फ़ उनसे हिसाब नही मांगता जो पक्ष या विपक्ष में में होते है,सवाल उनसे भी किए जायेंगे जिन्होंने चुप्पी साध रखी है.

Satans Darling™ said...

Thanks for your comments guys,

@Love : Everything which Gargi said.. Plus, I do agree that sending chaddis is not exactly the best approach, but it is way better than being a silent spectator to this whole fiasco. Atleast I am glad that so many women are responding!

@Gargi : Girl Power Sister! We need to clean this country and the first move should be to start by cleaning up with these kind of people!

@Azoed : I completely agree with you. Not exactly a noble cause, but it did make some difference, atleast to my life. I am also going to attend the Pub Bharo action on V day!

@ Kishore : Yes, whatever we do, we have to hope for the best and prepare for the worst! If Muthalik sends us Pink sarees in return, we will wear them, click our photographs and mail it back to them, and then see if they ever have the guts to wear those chaddis and go out! Beating women up is really not the right ideology to be followed. Tomorrow they will ask us to wear burkhas and sit at home. In that case, I would like to address these words of Muthalik back at him only... Women will be carrying bombs! and dropping them off at his place only...!

Shame on you SRS!

Miss Cynical said...

i second aZoed .. it would definitely draw people's attention but those rascals dont care a damn morals of their own or others and even after sending pink it wouldnt make much of a diff on them coz insulting these fucking idiots wont matter a damn to their ego or self esteem, they have none. We need more sterner actions more physical than psychological.

If this act makes a difference.. then cheers to the women power!

I wonder how this event would sound in future 'history' text books! ;-)

Satans Darling™ said...


Yeah I really wonder how it would sound :P But then, it did make a difference now, Muthalik and his dumb SRS men are all behind bars for V day! This is just a beginning.. It is not about why we send pink chaddis, It is more about a mass response to something wicked planned by these self proclaimed Moral Police!

Apurva said...

LOL! hahahaha! OMG! this is so funnnny! :D