Jul 6, 2009

Yes,I now believe in love at first sight.

Hey Everyone,

So I finally went out of my house yesterday for lunch with my family. It was a pleasant change, and the food was yummy. The only bad thing was that my week long healthy nutrition program went for a toss in one day flat :P But one day is alright, I am back on track today! Yesterday seemed pretty different right from the time I woke up. I woke up at 0930hrs, and my 'early riser' dad was still in his bed! When we were having lunch, we received a whole bottle of sparkling wine, compliments from the crew at the hotel. But that's not what I'm here to talk about.

We were returning back home from the hotel, and our car halted at a busy signal on the way. I was full, and lazy, and all I could see was my bed on which I wanted to crash as soon as I returned back home. But then my vision was interrupted. I saw this young girl, sitting on the road divider. She was about 7-8 years old. She was dark, slim, pretty tall for her age, and she wore a mens shirt and a pair of torn shorts. But the most catchy feature were her eyes. They had a million stories to tell. They were huge, jet black, and wet. She was sobbing, and was looking straight into my eyes. I was instantly mesmerized. I tried to look away, thinking it's just another trick. But I could not help noticing that the poor child had hurt her knee and people were just walking past her. She was bleeding.

I tried to look away again, but I had goosebumps on my hands. I could not stop myself from getting attracted towards those beautiful eyes. The next moment I realized I had opened the door and was walking towards her. And I turned back, my dad and my bro were stunned looking at me because the signal lights had turned green when I was walking towards her. Anyway, so I went to her and just gave her a hug. I had nothing to nurse her wound, it was not bleeding a lot either, so I cleaned it with the bottle of water I had in my purse and put a band aid on it. I gave her my small pack of tic tac, and I asked her what her name was. She promptly said, "Mera naam Lakshmi hai." and she had this 440 volts smile on her face. I, on the contrary had tears in my eyes.

I told her I had to go because my car was waiting and asked her to take care of herself. I ran back to the car which was hastily parked at the roadside and quickly got inside and closed the door. And there we were in the traffic again, but the next 2 minutes before the signal started were spent in waving at Lakshmi and listening to "You are a crazy girl" talks from my brother and dad, because I just zoomed out of the car without looking at the traffic. When the signal started, Lakshmi was yelling on top of her voice! "Thank you Didi.. Bye Bye Didi!"... It was so sweet!

I came back home and had a very sound and content nap last afternoon. Especially because I made someone smile. And now, I do believe that people can fall in love at the very first sight! I wish I had more time so I could click a picture of her eyes, but I will definitely go back to that signal and look for her this week. Those are the most beautiful eyes I have ever come across. I love you, Lakshmi! :)

Jul 4, 2009

Celebrating Monsoon - Love

It has been raining steadily for the whole last week. And it's about time I celebrate the next aspect of rain. The previous one was Inspiration, and this one is Love. Love is incomplete without rains, and rains are incomplete without love. The sweet smell of love and the freshness of the moist air captures our hearts and triggers a beautiful emotion somewhere deep inside. Anyone in love will have a special something to share about rains. Be it with their partner, or even alone.

People have shared beautiful moments associated with rains and the weather, right from sitting by the window to having piping hot "bhajiya" or "pakore" with tea, to taking bike rides or long drives with their loved one, splashing water on each other in the rainy puddles, or even just walking in the rain with an umbrella in the hand but not really using it as a means for covering yourself in the rain, but as an excuse to be sticking close to the one they love. Recently, I even heard from a friend who is happily married that they took the huge decision of standing by each other forever when the whole family was against them and they had met for the last time to call it off, but it rained heavily, and that rain completely changed who they are today to who they could have been today. In my case, it's just looking at the sky pouring down on me and just the feeling of the raindrops on my body makes me feel loved.

If I am speaking of rain, and love, and dedicating a song to all of you, I cannot forget the classic which wins my heart over everytime I listen to it and makes me fall in love all over again every time I watch it. Do watch the video, you will not regret it. Celebrating love this monsoon, bollywood style!

Pyaar Hua Ikraar Hua
Movie: Shree 420 (1955)
Singers: Manna Dey and Lata Mangeshkar

Pyaar hua ikraar hua hai pyaar se phir kyun darta hai dil - 2
Kehta hai dil rasta mushkil maaloom nahi hai kahaan manzil -2

Pyaar hua ikraar hua hai pyaar se phir kyun darta hai dil
Kehta hai dil rasta mushkil maaloom nahi hai kahaan manzil

Kaho ki apni preet ka geet na badlega kabhi
Tum bhi kaho is raah ka meet na badlega kabhi
Pyaar jo toota, saath jo chhoota
Chaand na chamkega kabhi

Pyaar hua ikraar hua hai pyaar se phir kyun darta hai dil
Kehta hai dil rasta mushkil maaloom nahi hai kahaan manzil
Pyaar hua ikraar hua hai pyaar se phir kyun darta hai dil

Raatein dason dishaaon se kahengi apni kahaaniyaan
Geet hamaare pyaar ke dohraayegi jawaaniyaan
Main na rahoongi, tum na rahoge
Phir bhi rahengi nishaaniyaan

Pyaar hua ikraar hua hai pyaar se phir kyun darta hai dil
Kehta hai dil rasta mushkil maaloom nahi hai kahaan manzil -2
Pyaar hua ikraar hua hai pyaar se phir kyun darta hai dil


Here's the video:

Have fun people! And do share your special moments associated with monsoon :) If not share, cherish them for sure! :P

Jul 1, 2009

The world is mixing!

I love Russell Peters. I know people form opinions about him and some of them really hate him saying he is a racist person etc., but I find him very funny and he is one of the greatest comedians of these times. Yeah maybe some of us cannot stand his jokes, because they might be related to us in some way to us. Anyway, so he had said in one of his shows that, ‘The world is mixing’. He actually concluded that part saying that in the future everyone is going to be a strange mixture of Indian and Chinese people :P And recently, I have come to realize that it’s coming true. The change has begun.

Let me start this way. I hate the kind of people who try to show that they’re above everything else. They would be working in NYC, but they would try to be more Indian than Mr. M.K. Gandhi. Of course, they’re just posing. So there is this guy I knew some 7 years ago. I remember him now because he is a junior of one of my close friends and they study at the same university in the US. And well recently I found out that we have common friends [an acquaintance for him] too. Now since my friend mentioned him, I got this whole flashback of the times when I knew him. He is still like what he was 7 years ago.

This guy was trying to ask me out back at that time. It was all in vain, I was seeing someone else. Back then he used to lecture me as to how stupid he thought people [Indians] were, when they used terms like ‘dating’ and ‘seeing each other’. He used to find it totally un-cool. He used to think we are copying the west. Now my friend told me that he still inquires about me, as in who am I going out with etc. and he still thinks the same way. He says that, Indians try to ‘act’ cool by embracing the western culture [and failing at it miserably] and they just show their cheapness by using words like ‘dating’, and ‘seeing each other’ and ‘proposing’. These are the kind of people I hate in particular.

What I would like to convey to him, and all the other people who think alike, is that first of all it is none of your business what am I up to. Secondly, how does it matter if I, or anyone else, not just Indian, but Nepali, Pakistani, Puerto Rican, Italian, Scottish [or any person coming from anywhere else in the world except from the US of A] consider dating? Or even if we don’t then what is your problem in that? Now if you were so Indian yourself, you would not be asking me out 6 years ago, when you were 20 and I was 15! And my friend even mentioned him trying to eye on this girl at the university today. How fake can people be!

And he brags about being Indian. About Indian arranged marriages and culture. There is a unbelievable count of extra marital affairs in these marriages. And what is wrong with dating anyway? Why can’t two people just enjoy the courtship period. I think it is way better to be dating than marrying a complete stranger and then finding out that you are totally incompatible even if your ‘kundli’ says so. Tomorrow even if I do go for an arranged marriage, I would actually make sure that we are compatible before I even say a yes. In short, I will date him before marriage. No one can do anything about it. That’s just how I am :P And another thing, dating does not mean getting physical all the time. People really need to understand that.

Since I have already mentioned so much, I think this post would be incomplete without mentioning live-in relationships. Live-in relationships are becoming more and more popular by the day in India. That does not necessarily mean we are copying the west. It just makes sense to the people who are into it. They are not a menace to this society just because they live together while they’re unmarried. Most of these couples are very responsible individuals who want to make the right choice.

Lastly, I would like to end this post by saying that whether Indian or American, whether Straight or Gay or Bisexual, whether Hindu or Muslim, everyone has the right to make a choice, and live happily. They are not answerable to anyone and no one has the right to pass any judgment about them. It’s a way of life. We need to accept it. The world is really mixing now. Love is really above all odds.

Love can only be created, not destroyed. It can be converted from one form to the other. The total amount of love in this universe will increase exponentially in the proportion of the rate of spread of love.


I don’t know why I posted this :P maybe I was just angry at that guy.. haha. Oh yeah, and do watch the 'world is mixing' video above :D