Dec 29, 2015


I know, I know. We are not in 2016 yet. We make all these resolutions and decide to change our lives from January 1st every year, year after year, and set goals for ourselves, but I am only coming to realize off late that it doesn't matter what date it is, what time it is, or what moment it is. On that note, let us review the year that was.

1. To be able to do lunges/squats comfortably with a barbell. - Acheived!

2. To be Bikini ready by the end of December. - Nope. Not quite there yet.

3. To start saving money (seriously, I spend everything I earn. Like, everything. Need to be more responsible) - Still working on this one.

4. Take 2 international trips and 2 trips within India. - Well, I took 1 international trip and 4 within India. Does that count? I think so.

5. To take a leap of faith careerwise. - I don't think I am quite there yet.

6. Buy a DSLR - Nope.

7. Take food blogging more seriously. - A little bit, yes.

8. Replace my entire wardrobe (except any 5 items that hold sentimental value) - A big yes!

9. Finish another Marathon. - Didn't happen.

10. Travel with Lover. - Yes.

2015 started out on a great note but I cannot say the same about the note it is ending on. I am glad that this year is getting over and I am positive that 2016 will bring in happiness and success for all of us. I have been writing these checklists for years now, but I don't think I will be continuing to do so anymore. I am going to look at the bigger picture, and just be grateful for everything that I have and pray for the well being of everyone around me. I hope 2016 makes me a better person, helps me exercise wisdom and maturity, and give me the strength to hold on to my one true love.

May the force be with all of us.

Sep 2, 2015

PMS woes

I am one of those women who undergo some really crazy mood swings starting 10-12 days before my period. That is almost half a month. My body goes through such drastic ups and downs that it becomes very difficult for me to handle. I suffer from PCOS, for which I take birth control pills to regularize my period. The first side effect of these pills is mood swing. I am not making this up, I cried at a YouTube video this evening where people were prepping for the Boston Marathon and I saw a man running with a wheelchair on which his loved one was enjoying the fresh breath of air.

I am blessed with a brother who has seen me go through the painful and irritable process and always made sure that he gave me the space or attention as needed. It turned out quite well when he started dating a girl and would do the same for her. But not everyone can be that understanding, even if they want to. Some of the common questions asked to me are:

“What can I do to help?” “How can I make this better?” “Am I doing anything wrong?”

The answer to all of these is - I don’t know. I cannot tell you how you can make this better for me. I cannot possibly give you any suggestion when I am not able to handle myself in these times. One moment I am euphoric, the other moment I am crying, and later I am stuffing my face with food that is totally not good for me. I know I should try and get in a light workout, but getting out of bed becomes such a task, that it all just seems far fetched. Sometimes even a person next to me breathing loudly makes me flip.

I am not using this as an excuse to do whatever I want. I don’t even know why I feel the need to put this out there, but it would be nice to have someone at least trying to understand that it is not in my hands, how I react to situations. Sometimes one just needs that someone to hug them and hold them and tell them that everything is going to be okay. Seems like this is a lot to ask for.

Sometimes we feel the need to remind people to be a little more considerate towards us, but repeating it every month only leads to making the opposite person frustrated. Where does that leave us? Nowhere. Possibly wanting to punch another person for breathing too loudly next to us.
The amusing part is that they used to do it all for you before. They used to keep track of your dates. They used to be OKAY with your mood swings. I guess its just a chore now. When it becomes a chore, we just have to let go.

Where’s my bar of chocolate?

Jan 2, 2015

2015 Checklist!

Hello again!

First of all, if you're reading this, let me wish you a very very happy new year. Hope 2014 was a great year for you and even if it wasn't, hope it gave you the strength to see it all through and never give up. Wishing everyone a fantastic 2015!

As for me, 2014 was a year which at the end of it has left me with no major complaints. Every year I sit down on the same date and try to summarize the year that was, realizing how much I learned and grew as a person, but this year taught me how to prioritize my feelings. It taught me to value myself more, to make myself happy and content, to feel accomplishment, and go to bed with a smile on my face. All of this, but not in a selfish way. I really think I deserved that. Almost no one can fiddle with your mind once you start being happy with yourself!

Lets see how I did in 2014, here we go!

1. Lose Weight. Get Fit. Build Stamina. CHECK! Although this change occurred only post late November, I am going to give myself credit for it. I really do feel I have become more fitness oriented, not in the "lose weight" kind of way but more like leading a healthy, fit and strong lifestyle. I workout for 2 hours, 5 days a week and have managed to lose 8 kilograms of pure, unadulterated fat since 22nd November 2014.

2. Run a Marathon: CHECK! Well, lets not call it a Marathon, it was a Walk-a-thon. But I did it. I only did a 5k walk in 55 minutes. But I did it. I have built my stamina way more and can cover close to 10 km now, but I did it. On to bigger marathons this year! :)

3. Travel More with Lover.: FAIL. There is a reason. He moved to my city in September for a project. Since he is now based out of Bombay, it has been quite hectic getting him settled in, and him adapting to the pace of Bombay, while finding a place to stay, managing work, home, maids, cleanliness, bills etc. We just haven't had the time. But he's settled here now, for few months at least, and travel is definitely on the cards.

4. Get a Flying Job.: FAIL. To say that Aviation in India is going through a bad phase would probably be an understatement. As much as I love to fly, I have started to think practically. I am giving myself till the mid of 2015 where I'd focus on flying as my career completely. If nothing happens, I am prepared for a switch.

5. Learn to Let Go: CHECK. I have realized that the more I try to force myself to let go of things, the more I cannot. So I finally decided to go with the flow and I am very happy to report that I am not having emotional breakdowns in the middle of Ghulam Ali Ghazals anymore!

6. Value people who value you: CHECK. I have made it a practice to value peoples' emotions towards me, especially the positive ones. Sure, I have my special someone who I drive crazy with being stubborn and the least understanding person ever, but in general, I have learned to value words spoken by people who know the value of words and feelings.

7. Help the needy. CHECK. CHECK. CHECK.

8. Learn to Listen: CHECK. I must confess, I had the toughest time dealing with this one until after September 2014, but I am learning to listen. I am learning to shut up as well.

9. Write more often. CHECK. I have been fairly regular with my food blog this year. But I can still improve on the frequency of my posts!

10. Learn a new Language. CHECK CHECK CHECK! Oui, you're reading from Mademoiselle Ashrita who has completed her beginners level in French speaking! :) This month I am starting with level 2! YAY!

80% again! Damn! Needed to do better!

Alright, lets set some goals for 2015.

1. To be able to do lunges/squats comfortably with a barbell.

2. To be Bikini ready by the end of December.

3. To start saving money (seriously, I spend everything I earn. Like, everything. Need to be more responsible)

4. Take 2 international trips and 2 trips within India.

5. To take a leap of faith careerwise.

6. Buy a DSLR

7. Take food blogging more seriously.

8. Replace my entire wardrobe (except any 5 items that hold sentimental value)

9. Finish another Marathon.

10. Travel with Lover.

All the best to me, and to you! What are your resolutions this year? I would love to know!