Apr 27, 2009

Confinement - Another attempt at Acrostic poetry!

Caressing you inside, through my stomach outside,

Oh my little Angel, I have a million things,

No, I do not plan to tell, but I don’t break promises.

Fighter I shall make of you, overcome the toughest,

In this world of coercion, survival is only of the fittest.

No, you will not let anyone bind you,

Every step you take, I will be your support till the end.

Mark my words, this world; it’s an evil place,

Extremely difficult, the free thinker’s life is.

Now promise to be brave, as I set you free, for

This world is just a huge confinement.

A single mother speaks to her baby on the delivery day, just before her water breaks.

I took this up coz Leo asked me to attempt this acrostic. Thanks a ton Leo! I realized many things about myself and life while writing this poem!

Apr 23, 2009

When It's Over Just Bow!

When the fantasy had ended,

Horrors turned true, Promises were false,

Except an end there was no solution,

Never had she imagined, he would be such a crook.

In the tenure of a beautiful lie,

There were a thousand dreams,

Soaring high, until it all crashed down.

Oh, what a disgusting sight that was,

Viewing her own husband with a woman stranger,

Every moment flashed in her eyes forever, the

Rascal still flaunts his ego!

Jewels and Riches he gifted were burnt, for

Unfaithfulness still lingered,

Says he, “Please forgive me, I love you so..”

That’s supposed to make her feel better?

“Better off alone than live with you, cheat!

Over it is, it was never meant to be,

What a show! Go on and take a bow…” Said she.

P.S. This is my try at the same acrostic which Leo has posted on his blog. It's just a try, and as soon as I heard the title the only song that played in my mind was Rihanna - Take A Bow. So I built the poem around it!

Apr 22, 2009

My first 55 Fiction!

As the policemen took attendance that morning, every inmate answered back. Except one.

The warden arrived in Andy’s cell.

He tore out the poster of Andy’s glamor girl. He was shocked.

“HOW did he dig a Kilometer long hole?”

Andy’s effort of 19 years paid off, Thanks to that Rock Hammer.

Hope makes Impossible, Possible.

P.S. This was my first ever 55 Fiction, thanks to the inspiration and encouragement from Kajal and Neeraj. You guys rock! Love you both! And I know, it is not entirely original. I just could not help but realize that the epitome of the essence of this kind of composition has to be somewhere in the Shawshank Redemption!

Apr 21, 2009

Award time - Part 1

Hello Everyone :)

It has been raining awards for me for a few days now. So it's high time I host an award ceremony on my blog too! There are so many of you, please forgive me if I have not mentioned your names in this one, because it is difficult to remember. There will be a part 2 too, and maybe even a part 3 :D

So here I go, in no order of preference!:

I would like to present the first award to none other than Ms. R . She is the ultimate example of how a modern woman should be. The picture is of one of my favorite parfums, Kenzo. It's got personality alright, and so does this young lady with lots of attitude, still having her head above her shoulders. That is very unique and very very stylish! I respect you for what you write, and I love you for coming back with a huge bang! Kisses <3>

The next one goes to someone who is an absolute perfectionist. Pink is her color, and she is actually as royal and rare as an Orchid. Since they're so rare, I had trouble finding them, so I present you with a bunch of pink roses, and the lady in the picture is a symbol of how beautiful and eye catching your work actually is! Thanks a lot for coming into my like Kajal, A.K.A The Pink Orchid.

Since I mentioned Kajal, the immediate next person I would come around would be none other than the Big B of Writers Lounge. I have not interacted a lot with him. But from whatever I read, I am so sure he is a fun loving person who is full of laughter and positivity. Melodramatic. What I would like to call a total "Paisa Vasool". It is an honor to even know you, Sandeep. This award is also for his Small B, Stephen, who is a very helpful person, and knowingly or unknowingly he brings a smile to everyone's faces :)

The next award goes to someone who thinks so much like me, I always used to wonder if we were like mirror images. That got confirmed when I found out that we both share the same fear for Pigeons :P I have not interacted with her on a personal level, but whatever she does write resembles a lot with the way I think. Sheer elegance this girl is! This one is for you, Quirky Mon !!

The next award goes to a new kid on the block :D Well he is not a kid, so to say, but yeah he will surely go places. My blog entry is incomplete without his heartfelt comment. Thanks a lot, Neeraj!

The next one is for someone who writes short and simple stuff, but it has loads of thinking involved in it. I am a sucker for such posts, which are not too long, but still convey their meaning perfectly. This one is for you Rashi !

The next award is again shared between two very sweet people, who speak less but their work speaks a lot more! Both of them have an impeccable ability to compose poetry, and both of them are oh so cute! Thanks a lot Pratibha and Anu !

The next award is for a man who is hell bent upon making something change, and making this country and the world a better place to live in. Whenever he writes, he creates magic! Thanks a lot Kingsley !

The next one is for a young lady who writes blogs which absolutely fulfill the meaning of her blog name, Tadka...It sizzles!. Sky is the limit for you, Akansha!

The next award is for the yummy woman, whose recipes are a treat to all the 5 senses! Women with so much love for cooking are a rare breed in today's world. And you are one of them! I salute you, Aruna!

This one is for my new Blog buddy, who makes me laugh all the time with his easy sense of humor and great comic timing. Oh and how can I forget that he writes some amazing poems. He is soooo talented! Kyun na ho, he is a fellow Taurean :D This one is for you my soccer lover Amith!

The next award goes to the one lady who is BOLD and beautiful, by boldness I also mean the way she writes her blogs, her ability to face life as it comes, how it comes, in a very very strong and inspiring way! Kudos to you, Seno !!

The next award is for an iron woman who makes me feel proud of her, myself, and every woman on this planet. They don't make them like this anymore! Girl power personified! This one is for you, Gargi!

The next one is for a little girl who did not know for a long, long time that she had a storehouse of talent in her. The outcome from a combination of an adolescent mind talking about plans to change the world is outstanding! This lady plans to lead the country some day and I am so sure, she will! Love you loads, Apurva!

And last, but not the least, for this part, I am sure all of you must have guessed it. She is one of my closest buddies and has been by my side through thick and thin! She knows what I am going through even without me having to speak a single word. I love you so much, Nabila!

This is just Part 1, Part 2 will be here soon! Hope all of you like the awards :)

Loads of love and good wishes,


Apr 19, 2009

A shower can change your life...

It was 45 degrees Celsius outside. She was numb with the heat outside and the still cold marble on which she stood bare naked, staring up at it. Her hair was open, and she could feel the warm air brushing through her entire body yet giving her goosebumps from that intense sensation. A million thoughts raced through her mind, all at the same time, there was no room for wonder or no sense in making sense out of anything. Everything she was ever fearful about had suddenly come true. All her insecurities were taking a shape of reality. This was the time. The time to conquer all her fears.

As she looked at that shower head she thought of all the things she had ever been scared of. Right from her fear of heights, to losing her friends and love, to this, her fear of a cold, chilled shower. This was the busiest crossroad of her life, and an inner voice said to her that it was high time she started everything afresh without the fear factor.

The clock was ticking. She had been standing in the same position for the past one hour. In that time she had "almost" turned that faucet about a hundred times, but then she stopped herself just at that thought of facing one of the biggest concerns in her life. She thought that her heart would stop beating the very moment that chilled water touched her skin.

Finally she just closed her eyes, and turned that faucet for once. The water was colder than expected, and she did skip a heartbeat when it touched her skin. But then, she started enjoying it. The longest and coldest shower of her life changed her, changed her life, for good.

P.S. This is my first attempt at fiction. I wanted to stretch it a bit longer but since I have been out of touch off late I did not strain much on it.