Jan 29, 2009

How Cluttered Are We?

This one is something we don't pay attention to in our daily lives in spite of knowing that it is all around us. Clutter. And the consequences are more dire than we can ever imagine. I just googled the word Clutter, and got these results on Wikipedia:


Clutter may refer to any of the following:

* Excessive physical disorder:
o Clutter (organizing): A confusing or disorderly state or collection; or the creation thereof. Excessive, unnecessary or uncontrolled clutter can be a symptom of compulsive hoarding.
o A type of light pollution
o Clutter (radar): Unwanted echoes in electronic systems.
o Clutter (marketing): The extreme amount of advertisements or products the average consumer comes into contact with.

* Speech
o Cluttering
o Cluttered speech, when speech becomes broken or sounds nervous


I was looking for a single meaning, but this was just the perfect thing. It shows us how clutter is a problem in every aspect of life. By clutter, I mean mess. We might be the obsessive and compulsive kind of people outside, but are we really that clean on the inside? I was watching this episode about Clutter on the Oprah Winfrey show a few weeks ago. And I was startled to realize a few things. Since then I have wanted to write something on this topic. Well on the show, they telecasted the story of 2 American families which were suffering from this clutter phenomenon, and they had no idea how it was affecting their lives. There was a home organization expert Peter Walsh, who helped these families de-clutter themselves. And the changes were phenomenal! Let me elaborate on one of these families. They were a family of 5, a young couple and their 3 daughters who were 8,6 and 3 years respectively. Now this man of the family is a teacher in a school, and the woman, well she works at a cleaning store! I was so shocked to see their house, you enter inside and there is mess all over! The toys for kids, they have a million clothes, there is no room to walk, and even the parents bedroom is loaded with so much stuff that it affects their relationship in an adverse way more than a good way. That is when emotional clutter starts to creep in.

For a man who is a teacher, and a woman who is working at a cleaning store, it is surely very emotionally disturbing to see their house like this. They say that there is no time to clean so much of mess... They had not spent a private moment in the past 2 years they said. And while giving out this interview the woman started crying as she realzed that this clutter was affecting not only her house but the whole family's life! Anyway they spent a good 10 days de-cluttering the place and 75% of the stuff, which included a lot of new and unused stuff, was gotten rid of. It was not needed at all in the first place. Nowadays we have such mentality where we think that we need to buy things to keep us happy. And that is exactly what this family had been doing. During these 10 days, Peter Walsh tried to talk to the couple and the kids and tried to de-clutter their minds as well. He explained to them that it was important for the whole family to sit down and have meals together, and he had to explain this to the girls that drawing on walls was not exactly the best thing to do. He told the couple that they must give each other private time in spite of how busy their routine is. Once a week atleast. After their house was de-cluttered, and so were their minds, this family walked into a new, clean home and a fresh mindset. And I pray that they live happily ever after.

I know that we might not be cluttered to this extent as mentioned above. But somewhere or the other, we are cluttered. We might be clean enough to find things in our house or room, but we might also have a huge pile of stuff which we do have in our closets which we probably never use, or will not use it ever. We just like to keep it. That is the clutter I'm refering to.

I hope I am successful in conveying this message to all my readers, and more than that, to myself. We really need to de-clutter our lives. Get rid of that jeans which you love to wear for the past 10 years and it does not fit you anymore but you would like to keep it anyway. Get rid of all the old pictures of your ex lovers and hence the memories associated with them. If you have a closet full of clothes, then you should control your shopping, not just overload your closet with stuff you might probably never wear. If our surroundings are de cluttered, they would keep our minds de cluttered as well! Tell that girl you love her for once, instead of piling it up in your mind for years together. It will feel much better when you finish things on time. It would be much easier for us to find important papers if we kept your room and office organized. Last but not the least, I have been having my meals with my Dad on the dinner table these days, and really, it makes you grow closer to each other!

Jan 10, 2009

Love and Forgiveness!

Where are you? I await since dusk,
The dawn has passed and long gone now
I stand alone in this darkness, walls closing in,
Inch by inch they make my place smaller
In your heart, I deserve this, I know.
The sand is eroding under my feet,
I am helpless, but I will be waiting
Even if I drown in this sand and get my life eroded.
Love is not love which alters itself
But alterations are a part of Love,
Love is not all roses and kisses
But swords of words comprise it too
To err is human, to forgive divine,
No human is a lover without an error
And no love divine is divine, if forgive u not the error

Note : I have tried to make it short and non-rhyming this time. The idea of love being altered has been derived from a Shakespearean Sonnet which I read recently. Many times we hide things from our beloved, Mom, Dad, friends, or our better halves. But it is only because somewhere deep down inside we fear losing them. I wrote this for such situation. Hope you people like it :) Criticism is welcome and comments will be loved :P

Jan 9, 2009

Annie Tagged Me :) [Apurva,Rocky,Salil... Pay attention!]

RULE 1: People who are tagged must write their answers to the tag and change any question they like.
RULE 2: Tag 3 people and they cannot refuse to do this tag. They must write who tagged them and cannot tag that person again. Continue the game. And I hope it will be sheer fun.

1. If your lover betrayed you, what would be your reaction?
I would shoot him and the chick at point blank range.

2. If you have one dream which could come true, it would be?
Having a threesome with George Clooney and Salma Hayek

3. Who is more blessed-loving someone or being loved by someone ?
Being loved by someone. Enjoy the attention you get :P But you gotta love that person too... Just like Annie said

4. Can you fall in love with your best friend ?

5. How long would you wait for someone you love?
Till I don't find someone whom I love more :P

6. If the person you like is secretly attached, what would you do?
I like secret attachments :) I would love to have one too :D

7. If you could root for one social cause, what would it be?
Child abuse, child labour and child education. In short. Underprivileged Children

8. What according to you is blogger in denial?
The one who posts stuff just because his fellow blogger posted something and takes it as a competition. Blogging ain't no competition brother, It is what your mind speaks!

9. What’s your fear ?

10. What colour are your socks now?
White and Grey Adidas :)

11. What are you listening to now?
Bol bol why did you ditch me Zindagi bhi lele yaar kill me bol bol why did you ditch me whore x( [Emosanal Attyachar - Patna ke Presleys]

12. What takes you down fastest?
People with double standards. Fakeness.

13. Which one do you prefer - ice-cream or chocolate?
I'm a pure dark chocolate girl :) Even the Ice Cream I have is Chocolate with Chocolate chips and that too on a Chocolate Waffle Cone.

14. What would you do with a billion dollars?
Invest half. Save 1/4th and Splurge with the other 1/4th!

15. What was the last thing you ate?
Errr... I was yawning and this fly just went into my mouth. My guess is I might have eaten it coz I never saw it back again :P

16. How old are you today?
21 years, 8 months, 12 days old :)

17. How do you vent out your anger?
Abusing! Yelling for no reason and complete random people :|

18. Favourite toy as a child?
OMG I have this huge toy collection from childhood of 106 soft toys! I love them all! But I had this monkey backpack which was my favourite <3

18. Favourite season?
Winter! Snow, Jackets, Mufflers, Scarves and Boots... And hot hot coffee :) And.. Christmas!

19. When was the last time you cried?
About an hour ago.

20. Who is the friend you have had the longest?
My friend Bhumika. We have been friends since the 2nd grade. I was 7 yrs old that time. So 14 long years!!

21. What did you do last night?
I did not sleep! Spoke to my brother all night as he was leaving this morning for a vacation for 2 months! And then watched Nacho Libre and then bid him Goodbye :)

22. Favorite day of the week?
Everyday is Sunday for me as of now :P

23. Diamond or pearl?
A Diamond ring, with a Princess diamond, and surrounded with diamonds. Set in diamond studded platinum. What you lookin at? /:) It is my birth stone!

24.Would you be single & rich or married & poor ?
Single and rich... Anyday!

25.What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Shut the window coz of the irritating Pigeons and their Gutar Gutar outside :|. I do this, Every single day!! Even in Mumbai and even in New Delhi :|

26.If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, whom would you pick?
The one who would keep me happy all my life. Basically the one who can be my best friend more than a best lover. Love fades away with time but friendship stays forever!

27.Would you give all in a relationship ?
I think I should not. But I think I will if I feel it is right.

28.What’s eating you now ?
Probably a 1000 bacteria are eating up my throat.

29.Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?
I prefer being in a relationship which gives me and also demands from me the perks of being single at times :P By that I mean not going to other men/women. Just space and some time out alone /:)

30. Your opinion of 3 bloggers who you are going to tag and the one who tagged you.
Annie - Sweet, Caring, Strong, Practical, Excellent Writer. She is a complete package!
About the ones who I m tagging –
Apurva – Extremely talented.
Rocky – The 18 till I die guy :) An amazing person!
Salil – The sweetest guy of all! A best friend material...!

P.S: anyone who likes these questions is welcome to answer them. do leave me a link!!!

East or West? Is India the best?

Hello Blog :)

All the elderly people say it, all the magazines and newspapers publish controversial content but there is no denying the fact that we are hugely influenced by the lifestyle from the West. North America to be more precise. On the other hand, many people also say that the West is also getting influenced by the spiritual lifestyle from the East. Whether this is right or wrong, or which of these is better is not my point of discussion, but I would like to focus on this aspect where we are influenced by the West. And not rightly so. New Delhi (North India) to be particular.

I have been frequenting New Delhi a lot in the past year. and even before that I used to be there for occasional visits as the DGCA [Directorate General of Civil Aviation] has its main office in New Delhi. And I say every word below, from nothing but my own experience, with all due respect to the people who do come from there:

To begin with, the people of New Delhi are utterly selfish. They have no sense of compassion towards the people new in the city. Secondly, I don't know whether this is in the water of New Delhi but they really like to fool people all the time by saying things which are not of any profit to them but are of loss to the opposite person. Like for example, If you ask for directions to the people, very few will actually tell you the right way, most of them give you the wrong way and if you do trust the Rickshaw-walas in the city then you will end up emptying your pocket by the time you reach your final destination. Anyway, coming to the point, the lifestyle in New Delhi is very much influenced by the lifestyle in the west. Atleast they try to show so. But if they think so even 1% then they are so wrong! People in the west are much more morally stable and they do not believe in showing off what is not theirs. In New Delhi you would always, always find people talking about Millions and Trillions owned by them when they themselves travel in Autos. They have a tendency to overly flaunt their status and not be modest about it. They just like to talk and talk and talk about it. They talk about owning cars but they do not realise that the pollution level in their city is at warning levels as on date. You can see small kids, barely 12 or 13 years old flaunting their parents cars and riding bikes on the streets without their driving licence and the police doesn't even bother! I was with Ash at this Liquor Store the other night and there were kids purchasing alcohol. No one says anything to them. This does not happen in the west! As much as I know of it, the westerners like to flaunt what they got and not what their parents got. They are also extremely hardworking people and like to be paid for their duties. No wonder there is no domestic labour in the west. It is not funny the amount of thefts, murders, rape cases and eve teasing cases are a part of New Delhi. Just yesterday I saw on the news that a 21 year old girl suicided after she was gangraped by a group of 12 young lads 5 of whom were arrested. This is disgraceful, she was just coming back home from her college for the love of God! This does not happen in the west! But this is partly also due to the UP illiterate population roaming like they own these roads. The young population of New Delhi, the guys and girls in the dating zone are known to be huge traitors and most of their love depends on the amount of money their partner owns. That is about it for them! It is shameful! All I want to say is that, if you want to adopt the western culture, adopt it fully and live up to it. This is not the state in which the Capital of our country should be!

There are so many other aspects to this! I will discuss them one by one as time goes by... But for now this is what I think. Let me know what are your experiences/comments!

Jan 5, 2009

The Night and The Dawn

The night was cold, the moon was high,
The wind was calm, stars lit the sky,
The trees gazing at the lovely moonlight,
She could not ask for a better night,
She opened the window, but sheers were drawn,
For her life seemed to have no dawn.

She always heard people say,
It's better to burn out than fade away,
She inhaled, she exhaled, but felt no breath,
Every second she felt a little closer to death,
She never smiled, they made her frown,
They felt she always let them down.

They thought she could never achieve,
Not once did they make her believe,
That she had got what it takes,
and Success is what failure makes,
She felt useless, She felt helpless,
She had tried so hard, but was still clueless.

They walked past her when day was bright,
She felt all lonely in the night,
She lay down on the bed alone,
When suddenly, there, rang a phone.
She said, "Hello?" He was a friend,
He had a helping hand to lend.

He had been watching her observant,
But to seek his help, she was reluctant,
He was the charming boy of all,
And mostly, he was liked by all,
He made her believe, that she could achieve,
She was inspired, she folded up her sleeve!

For she was ready to conquer the world,
It did not matter, how harsh was the world,
She knew there was always a room at the top,
She gave it all, She worked from her top,
He stood always by her side,
She now wanted him by her side.

And together, they made her succeed
She is a flower, they called her a weed,
She looked at him with the broadest smile,
And thanked him for staying all this while,
He turned around, he held her hand,
She felt ground slipping like the loosest sand.

He held her close, Her face was red,
His heart was pounding, She was too scared,
He kissed her lips, She shed a tear,
He said, "I Love You" in her ears,
The sun went down, The night is here,
He whispered again in her ear,

"The night is cold, the moon is high,
The wind is calm, stars lit the sky,
Look at the trees, white in moonlight,
Could you ask for a better night?"
She opened the window and no sheers were drawn,
For after this night, there was a new dawn.

Jan 4, 2009

Love and Fate

This is my second attempt at writing a poetry. It's just like an emotional outburst. It is a true story by the way, about me and my close friend. I know it is too long but I could not make it any shorter either! Waiting for criticism and comments!

She was the girl whom anyone could love,
Shy to the core,
Tall as a tree and fair as a dove,
I always wanted to know more.
She thought she was inferior,
For actually it was otherwise,
She actually was superior,
I admired her for her intelligence, beauty and poise.

He was my friend from school,
Or should I call him an acquaintance?
Girls always found him smart and cool,
I had a liking for him in abundance.
He had the cutest smile, for real
He was my secret crush
It was all bizarre but surreal
But I never spoke to him – Other girls were in a rush.

She had misconceptions about herself,
Doesn’t even know what her name means
But God helps those who help themselves,
And he helped her find the man of her dreams!
He is known as the ruler of the water,
But as they say – What’s in name?
Maybe he was a silent ruler
For he had her heart and won the game!

I admired her then, I love her now.
I liked him then, I admire him now.
He loved her, She loved him,
They wanted to speak, but how?
She is my closest friend,
We share all the secrets,
He is still an acquaintance,
But I know his secret!

They had never spoken then,
Just the shy glances and smiles,
The course finished, they parted ways
And lived separate lives.
She met someone, he met someone,
They both made adjustments
But somewhere deep inside their hearts,
There was no contentment.

Days passed, weeks passed,
She said she was over it.
Months passed, years passed.
I could not believe she was saying it.
I knew how much she loved him still,
I tried to tell him then,
I asked him again recently,
He said, “I don’t know, What?! When?”

He tried to be my friend that time,
Trying to know as much as possible,
I told him, “This is not the time,
She is happy, and this is impossible”.
But then, we all are in the hands of fate,
It always wanted them to be,
He thought, “This time I better not be late”
It is time to know whether we are to be or not to be.

His heart was filled with hopes so high,
He thought it’s surely worth a try,
For what it’s worth he won’t regret
That he didn’t make her an offer she can’t deny!
He made the move; she made him a friend,
They spoke for hours innumerable,
They were sad that they made it end
For time is not remunerable.

But right here fate comes into play,
They couldn’t run too long,
She left someone, He left someone,
The feelings were so strong.
They wished the best for their someone,
For being by their side
They wished they do the best in life,
With someone better by their side.

They know each other oh so well,
He knows her thoughts before she tells
She knows his anger, she knows his love,
And he is a pro, the way he cares.
She is still my closest friend,
Inspite of all the distance
And I now call him a friend,
Tired of calling him an acquaintance.

I hope and wish and long and pray
That they remain together this way,
The silent ruler and his beautiful dove,
Forever shower each other with love
They got what they both deserved
I hope they don’t stay this reserved
Coz while this whole spell was cast
I was the one to know the last!

Nevertheless, I am very happy,
I have been smiling all day
To see my sweetie smile with joy
Has made this a beautiful day
I thought of writing this poetry
But now that all is said,
I think what I just composed,
Is a story Instead!

Jan 2, 2009

Looks like my 2009 is going to be exciting! Part 2

" I reached my hand down under my seat. and I felt a metal rod. I freed my trousers from that and with my huge frame managed to bend further and have a look under the seat in that cringed space just enough for me to rest my legs. It was just a foot rest :| Phew... I got back onto my seat and looked around again. Everything was exactly the same. The couple, the baby, the people, the expression. I felt like a complete fool and decided to watch something on the TV. I watched some episodes of "I dream of Jeannie" and it brought back old memories from childhood :) Then the ugly looking flight attendant came and asked me what meal I wanted. I took a Vegetarian meal which had the most horrible Pav Bhaji I had till date. It was a torture. But I was hungry. McVeggie and Cappuccino could not keep me from cheating on them for too long :P I had the food, and then a good looking flight attendant with a horrible voice asked me if I wanted Tea or Coffee. I took nothing, we all shut our tables up and carried on with the movie watching and song listening.

I am thinking about MS Dhoni, he looks like just the guy next door! Wonder what he must be thinking. Why the hell is he travelling by Indian Airlines?! Well, maybe someone else is paying for it lol. BCCI or someone. Then I just remembered watching news in the morning. He has been getting threat calls! No wonder he looks so tensed! Ahhh I hope everything turns out well for him...

It is 8 15PM now, I am looking out my window, I see lights, devoid of the Fog this time, the ugly looking flight attendant with a sweet voice announces that we will be landing in Mumbai soon. The lights get brighter, the Captain announces," crew to stations for landing" and all the passengers sit tight and wait for the wheels to touch down. After passing through a huge constellation of slum houses we landed safely on the runway and the plane came to a halt. It just stopped on a taxiway and the attendant announced, " The temperature outside is 26 degrees Celsius. Sorry. It is 24 degrees Celsius. We hope you had a pleasant experience and we wish to see you on board again". The plane just stood there for a few minutes. I thought to myself... At least we reached safely till here! But then, does it matter? When I get out of the plane and I am in the Airport, am I safe? When I am out of the airport and in my transport back home, am I safe? When I reach home and close all doors and windows, am I still safe? There is no safety. We have to be vigilant and keep our ears and eyes open at all times. I sighed, and by that time we were ready to de-board the plane. The cabin attendant had asked all the passengers to stay in their seats. But even before the doors opened, there was a huge line of people! This happens only in India...!

We de-planed into an airline coach which was supposed to take us back to the terminal which was about 1.5KM far from the place where our aircraft was parked. The coach looked full, but I still got into it coz my Mom was waiting for me at the Airport. I climbed on one of the podium like areas where they stow baggage. I was standing there, somehow managing to fit in as my head was hitting the roof again and again. After I got myself settled in one position, I saw MS Dhoni again. But from the back. He was trying to call someone. He was wearing a camouflaged Military jacket. I was just admiring him without blinking my eye when my phone rang oh so loudly! Bloody free incoming calls! And he turned back, and looked straight into my eyes, and I was blushing instantly, but I turned away and spoke to my Mom and asked her not to call me again and again [I was doing something very important :P]. We reached at the arrival terminal and he got off first, and he was just standing there... I got off too and was walking ahead when I turned back to see him for one last time. And there he was, looking straight at me again! OMG My face was red! I think he was probably thinking that I would go and ask for an autograph or something. He was smiling at me, and I just gave a very vague look and went to the ladies room. I just stood there, and I got a flash of one of the episodes of FRIENDS where Chandler gets stuck with Jill Goodacre in an ATM vestibule! I just smiled into the mirror and went out again. I stood by the baggage claim stand. And there he was, on the opposite end. Charming as ever... Ahhh I'm smitten! And then........

..... These huge mob of people just gather around him for autographs! Bloody @#$#%$. I mean don't people watch news?! He needs time alone! Don't trouble him people! He signed a few autographs and just went ahead with his trolley and sat on it alone and was looking into his cellphone for something, maybe trying to signal the people that he is busy, but people DO NOT understand! x( They stood next to him and took photos anyway 8-| Ughhhh! And then the baggage started coming... And he looked at me so many times... I think he wanted to give me an autograph you know :P I looked around to see if he was looking at someone else but it was just me standing there, so I take all the credit for it! :P

I took my baggage and smiled back at him, this time he gave me a confused look, so I just turned around and walked away. Met my Mom on the first floor and went to my Granny's place to wish her Happy Birthday :) We had a lot of fun there, I had home made food after so long! At the end of the day, nothing feels better than being in your home sweet home :)

We returned back to our place, and then me and Nik were up talking till 4AM. About terrorism, fun times, sad times, peace rallies, Pakistan, India, Khalistan and yes, my 11F experience :P"

All in all, the first day of my new year was filled with thrill, romance, happiness, joy, a little bit of sadness, and responsibility. Family, Friends, People, and Love. And AIRPLANES!!! They say that your whole year depends on how the first day of your year goes! If it holds any true, I am all set for a very exciting 2009 ahead!!! :)

Happy New Year to all once again :P

Looks like my 2009 is going to be exciting! Part 1

Hello Blogville :)

Wishing all my readers a very happy new year :) Welcome 2009! May this year bring Success, Joy, Love, Compassion and Happiness into all your lives :)

I thought I would begin my first Blog entry of this year by sharing how I spent my new year. I spent the New Years' Eve with Ash in New Delhi. I had thought that I would decorate the room with candles and we would have some nice Wine and music and maybe watch a movie or something. But it is so cold in New Delhi, I ended up sleeping till late and by the time I woke up it was already 7 PM. So we had to skip that idea and we just went out for a walk. I did not feel bad about not decorating the house since I have learned my lesson from my previous post. We bought Bacardi Rum and some snacks and sweets. And then we decided to watch some TV. We watched a show on NDTV which was a musical tribute to the 26/11 victims, alongside Pirates of The Caribbean on the other channel. At 12 AM we wished each other Happy New Year and also sang the National Anthem, the whole emotional rush made both of us shed a few tears. We then watched FRIENDS and I passed out. I woke up fresh on the 1st, and I was watching the news where to my utter surprise, they were showing how most of Mumbai and India celebrated their New Year by saluting and praying tributes and holding silences for the people affected during the 26/11 Siege. I felt happy and content, that India has not forgotten. And I hope we don't forget it this time. We have got to get things right!

I had to leave on my flight back to Mumbai too. I had a choice between two flights, 1PM and 5PM. I decided to take the 5PM flight and we headed towards the Airport by 3 30PM so that I get there on time. And surprise surprise! My flight was delayed to 6PM! Ash was kind enough to give me company till 5 15PM after which he had to rush back home. I went inside and waited in the so called "Lounge" of the Delhi Airport. And in a mixed emotion state, I started writing... Here is what a wrote.. And I quote...

" January 1st, 2009. And I am having a rather tiresome and a different day. I am right here at the Indira Gandhi Airport, New Delhi, waiting to board my flight back to Mumbai. It is 6 10PM now, and I was supposed to be departing New Delhi by 5PM. My flight has now been delayed to 6 30PM, and I have not the slightest clue as to what time will the flight actually depart. Just because I have a lot of free time on my hands, and my cellphone is void of any credit, I decided to take a tour of the "Lounge" I am waiting in, a few minutes ago. No points for guessing that I started off with having a McVeggie Burger and a Cappuccino at the McDonalds outlet. That was a decision made in a complete fix of mind. On one hand I was a little sad, I was saying goodbye to Ash. And on the other hand I was hungry :P The two things I love the most put me into a fix :D There was a third one too, I am awfully conscious about eating food, alone, in public! But I am happy coz I managed to eat it all, without getting bothered too much. Guess my hunger over powered the other 2 aspects :P Since I was Belly-Full after the meal, I decided to focus on my next important thought which was calling Ash up. And like I mentioned earlier I had no credit on my cellphone so I decided to use the public phone. To my surprise, and not a pleasant one, there is only one public phone booth in the New Delhi Airport Lounge, which has only 2 phones, one of which does not have a dialing tone and the other one which does, has a network failure. So basically you cannot make calls. You're just cut off with the world outside unless you have a cellphone :P They should really do something about this, you know. Oh and BTW, as I am reaching this part of my essay [or whatever you choose to call it] I am sitting in the aircraft. It is currently 6 30PM and we should be taking off soon! I cannot believe we are almost on time :O

As I entered the Aircraft, I had to pass through the Executive Class seats to get to my seat, 11F. The flight, IC810 was in an Airbus 321 [Lovely Plane!] from Ranchi - New Delhi - Mumbai. I entered the plane and I see this young lad, with a navy blue t shirt and torn Blue jeans, and he was just sitting on his seat, lost in thoughts. He had a very familiar face. I looked at him again, closely. Then I thought to myself, where have I seen this guy? Do I know anyone from Ranchi? I had reached and belted myself securely to the seat when I realized that he was none other than MS Dhoni! [The famous Cricketer and the Indian Cricket Team Captain] I felt like OMG coz I am his fan. I also felt glad to see a star [spoiled by the media] sporting such a casual and simple look. He did not have the attitude on his face like what Jimmy Shergill had on his face when he passed by me while I was waiting at the Airport. Uber glamorous, he was wearing a white comfy lucknowi and wearing a leather jacket on top, and his glares. He was with his wife and kiddo, and that was the only pleasant sight at the Delhi Airport.. :P

Now here I am, on my 11F window seat, it is 6 40PM already now, and as expected Indian Airlines is keeping up with their history of bad service by not even serving their guests with water. I wonder why we pay so much! There is a very sweet, old couple sitting on the middle and aisle seats next to me, and they seem to be unusually delighted to have a lady sitting besides them. There is a baby on the other end of the row. I love babies. As much as I love babies, I HATE crying babies, especially when traveling!OMG! This small kiddos mom just gave him a slap on his butt and he is screaming his lungs off!! Arrrgggghhhh!!! The screeching voice!! Please STOP!!!!!!....Aaah! The good news is that the plane moved, even though it is just like 30 cm or so :P I am just guessing :D But it did move. I think they were taking the chocks off. There is a weird silence in the aircraft since the plane moved just that bit and the child has stopped crying. OMG he started again :| But this time, it is the cute crying. He is like "Mamma"... Awwww!!

Ummm... What else... The night is beautiful with all the taxi lights around. So colorful! I am missing Ash... OMG! The old man next to me just went "Shhhh...!!!!" to the baby. Hahaha! Anyway I was saying that I am missing Ash. Cannot wait to see him again! I am also mentally gearing up for all the trauma I have to undergo since I am going back home. Grr... It is like The Shawshank Redemption! But I am going to try and be calm this time around :)

It is 6 50 PM now. The captain just announced, "Cabin Crew, close and armor all doors, please". That means we will be taxiing soon :) But with this delay, I don't know how long it will be before we take off. The flight attendant is now announcing the usual stuff, seatbelt and all that. It is 6 59PM. We are still not taxiing :( The kids got tired of shouting and crying too, I believe. Aaaah... There we go! we started taxiing now. Finally! I see the green, yellow and blue lights outside. For a change, I am also glad that I know what they mean now too :):P The haze and the fog look beautiful outside. But there is no doubt that is is the first day of my life that I have hated both these weather phenomena the most!

I hear the engine running, I am looking outside the window and I see beautiful lady birds landing on the runway parallel to us. They look oh so beautiful and shiny with their sparkling make up on them [Lights]. This is one sight I can see forever... Planes landing! I'm feeling so fresh suddenly. Not lethargic anymore.We are now holding short of the runway 10-28 on Charlie and we will soon be flying off to Mumbai :)

It is 7 10PM now, we are on the runway. We start rolling. I am looking outside the window and the speed with which we are moving, I am suddenly getting an illusion that all the lights that I saw are mixing up together, and I wonder to myself, how fast has life become? We tend to think that the dots on the runway which were so colorful, they get mixed and signify nothing but just a trail which seems third party to us. Just like how we, in this fast life of ours, tend to forget about the people who once mattered so much to us and then start looking at all of them as one single third party, whom we call.. well.. People. We have taken off now. New Delhi looks beautiful with all the lighting. Plus the haze and the fog and the smog make the lights sparkle even more! But I am more excited about reaching Mumbai. It is my Granny's birthday today. I am so eager to go and meet her :)

As I finish my sight seeing and we get high enough so that the lights fade away, I lean back on my seat and try to resume my writing on a piece of paper resting on my purse. I think I should just open my seat table now. I lean forward to open it and my trousers are caught into a rod under my seat! My first thought : OMG is there a bomb underneath there? Then I suddenly get these flashes from an Air Crash series I saw earlier. And it strikes me that my seat, 11F is right where the fuel tanks of a plane usually are situated. If a bomb was fixed in here, it would have the maximum impact and blow the plane off in no time! Then I looked around, I did not want to bend down and see what it was. I looked at the lovely old couple next to me, completely engrossed in the movie they were watching on the screen. I saw the baby, sleeping on his mama's lap. I saw people who were having the expression of frustration and tiredness and probably just wanted to get back home. I gulp, and I decide to reach down and check what it is...."

More in the next part :P I am very much alive now so you know there is no bomb :P No suspense :D I just did not want it to be too long a post...