Jan 2, 2009

Looks like my 2009 is going to be exciting! Part 2

" I reached my hand down under my seat. and I felt a metal rod. I freed my trousers from that and with my huge frame managed to bend further and have a look under the seat in that cringed space just enough for me to rest my legs. It was just a foot rest :| Phew... I got back onto my seat and looked around again. Everything was exactly the same. The couple, the baby, the people, the expression. I felt like a complete fool and decided to watch something on the TV. I watched some episodes of "I dream of Jeannie" and it brought back old memories from childhood :) Then the ugly looking flight attendant came and asked me what meal I wanted. I took a Vegetarian meal which had the most horrible Pav Bhaji I had till date. It was a torture. But I was hungry. McVeggie and Cappuccino could not keep me from cheating on them for too long :P I had the food, and then a good looking flight attendant with a horrible voice asked me if I wanted Tea or Coffee. I took nothing, we all shut our tables up and carried on with the movie watching and song listening.

I am thinking about MS Dhoni, he looks like just the guy next door! Wonder what he must be thinking. Why the hell is he travelling by Indian Airlines?! Well, maybe someone else is paying for it lol. BCCI or someone. Then I just remembered watching news in the morning. He has been getting threat calls! No wonder he looks so tensed! Ahhh I hope everything turns out well for him...

It is 8 15PM now, I am looking out my window, I see lights, devoid of the Fog this time, the ugly looking flight attendant with a sweet voice announces that we will be landing in Mumbai soon. The lights get brighter, the Captain announces," crew to stations for landing" and all the passengers sit tight and wait for the wheels to touch down. After passing through a huge constellation of slum houses we landed safely on the runway and the plane came to a halt. It just stopped on a taxiway and the attendant announced, " The temperature outside is 26 degrees Celsius. Sorry. It is 24 degrees Celsius. We hope you had a pleasant experience and we wish to see you on board again". The plane just stood there for a few minutes. I thought to myself... At least we reached safely till here! But then, does it matter? When I get out of the plane and I am in the Airport, am I safe? When I am out of the airport and in my transport back home, am I safe? When I reach home and close all doors and windows, am I still safe? There is no safety. We have to be vigilant and keep our ears and eyes open at all times. I sighed, and by that time we were ready to de-board the plane. The cabin attendant had asked all the passengers to stay in their seats. But even before the doors opened, there was a huge line of people! This happens only in India...!

We de-planed into an airline coach which was supposed to take us back to the terminal which was about 1.5KM far from the place where our aircraft was parked. The coach looked full, but I still got into it coz my Mom was waiting for me at the Airport. I climbed on one of the podium like areas where they stow baggage. I was standing there, somehow managing to fit in as my head was hitting the roof again and again. After I got myself settled in one position, I saw MS Dhoni again. But from the back. He was trying to call someone. He was wearing a camouflaged Military jacket. I was just admiring him without blinking my eye when my phone rang oh so loudly! Bloody free incoming calls! And he turned back, and looked straight into my eyes, and I was blushing instantly, but I turned away and spoke to my Mom and asked her not to call me again and again [I was doing something very important :P]. We reached at the arrival terminal and he got off first, and he was just standing there... I got off too and was walking ahead when I turned back to see him for one last time. And there he was, looking straight at me again! OMG My face was red! I think he was probably thinking that I would go and ask for an autograph or something. He was smiling at me, and I just gave a very vague look and went to the ladies room. I just stood there, and I got a flash of one of the episodes of FRIENDS where Chandler gets stuck with Jill Goodacre in an ATM vestibule! I just smiled into the mirror and went out again. I stood by the baggage claim stand. And there he was, on the opposite end. Charming as ever... Ahhh I'm smitten! And then........

..... These huge mob of people just gather around him for autographs! Bloody @#$#%$. I mean don't people watch news?! He needs time alone! Don't trouble him people! He signed a few autographs and just went ahead with his trolley and sat on it alone and was looking into his cellphone for something, maybe trying to signal the people that he is busy, but people DO NOT understand! x( They stood next to him and took photos anyway 8-| Ughhhh! And then the baggage started coming... And he looked at me so many times... I think he wanted to give me an autograph you know :P I looked around to see if he was looking at someone else but it was just me standing there, so I take all the credit for it! :P

I took my baggage and smiled back at him, this time he gave me a confused look, so I just turned around and walked away. Met my Mom on the first floor and went to my Granny's place to wish her Happy Birthday :) We had a lot of fun there, I had home made food after so long! At the end of the day, nothing feels better than being in your home sweet home :)

We returned back to our place, and then me and Nik were up talking till 4AM. About terrorism, fun times, sad times, peace rallies, Pakistan, India, Khalistan and yes, my 11F experience :P"

All in all, the first day of my new year was filled with thrill, romance, happiness, joy, a little bit of sadness, and responsibility. Family, Friends, People, and Love. And AIRPLANES!!! They say that your whole year depends on how the first day of your year goes! If it holds any true, I am all set for a very exciting 2009 ahead!!! :)

Happy New Year to all once again :P


IcE MaiDeN said...

OMG.... grl r u in ur senses...i mean were u in ur senses... there is MS DHONI smiling at u... hw cud u NOT go over and say hi... baba re.. he was smiling at u... i wud hav KILLED for tht man... :X

n as far as the notion tht the rest of the year goes as the first day... i say by the end of the year ull be marrying DHONI... or atleast meeting a lotta celebs on ur time aboard...:P

seno said...

I miss Mr.Ash's name in this post LOL !!

And m sure u gonna be flying all d time dis yr ....>:d<

have a wonderful year ahead >:d< Mwaaah !! best wishes frm an elderly person LOL

Satans Darling™ said...

I really hope so Annie!!

Seno, yeah I am missing his name too... He has not read this yet lol!

Thanks for your comments ladies.. Muahhh

mysterious gal said...

well i loved both ur post....r u sure u started blogging recently ...ur an expert and a professional already man....wish you get all you want this yr...HAPPY NEW YEAR

love ya

Miss Cynical said...

ms dhoni ..indian airlines.. free ticket.. LMAO =)) :D ... hehe

Gr8 blog ashh :D ..

Happy 2009 to yu.. muah


Anu (ILMB)

Nikhil said...

great blog yaar but i am upset..


You missed ur chance mate!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your year is of to such a great start!
Very entertaining post btw :)

Satans Darling™ said...

Nikhil, Now I wish I had one with him :(

Meenaxi, Thanks for liking it :)

Raghavendra said...

wow ,,, i know u steal poems from others blogging , now u r writing a blog god ,, this is amazing ,tell me onething is someone writing blogs for u or u writing on ur own ...lol....:P

Just kidding bubbly this is excellent never knew u could write like this ,, u rock girl ,, take it easy ,, cheers later

Satans Darling™ said...

Thank you Pokala! And hey this is 100% me I don't steal! :P