Jan 4, 2009

Love and Fate

This is my second attempt at writing a poetry. It's just like an emotional outburst. It is a true story by the way, about me and my close friend. I know it is too long but I could not make it any shorter either! Waiting for criticism and comments!

She was the girl whom anyone could love,
Shy to the core,
Tall as a tree and fair as a dove,
I always wanted to know more.
She thought she was inferior,
For actually it was otherwise,
She actually was superior,
I admired her for her intelligence, beauty and poise.

He was my friend from school,
Or should I call him an acquaintance?
Girls always found him smart and cool,
I had a liking for him in abundance.
He had the cutest smile, for real
He was my secret crush
It was all bizarre but surreal
But I never spoke to him – Other girls were in a rush.

She had misconceptions about herself,
Doesn’t even know what her name means
But God helps those who help themselves,
And he helped her find the man of her dreams!
He is known as the ruler of the water,
But as they say – What’s in name?
Maybe he was a silent ruler
For he had her heart and won the game!

I admired her then, I love her now.
I liked him then, I admire him now.
He loved her, She loved him,
They wanted to speak, but how?
She is my closest friend,
We share all the secrets,
He is still an acquaintance,
But I know his secret!

They had never spoken then,
Just the shy glances and smiles,
The course finished, they parted ways
And lived separate lives.
She met someone, he met someone,
They both made adjustments
But somewhere deep inside their hearts,
There was no contentment.

Days passed, weeks passed,
She said she was over it.
Months passed, years passed.
I could not believe she was saying it.
I knew how much she loved him still,
I tried to tell him then,
I asked him again recently,
He said, “I don’t know, What?! When?”

He tried to be my friend that time,
Trying to know as much as possible,
I told him, “This is not the time,
She is happy, and this is impossible”.
But then, we all are in the hands of fate,
It always wanted them to be,
He thought, “This time I better not be late”
It is time to know whether we are to be or not to be.

His heart was filled with hopes so high,
He thought it’s surely worth a try,
For what it’s worth he won’t regret
That he didn’t make her an offer she can’t deny!
He made the move; she made him a friend,
They spoke for hours innumerable,
They were sad that they made it end
For time is not remunerable.

But right here fate comes into play,
They couldn’t run too long,
She left someone, He left someone,
The feelings were so strong.
They wished the best for their someone,
For being by their side
They wished they do the best in life,
With someone better by their side.

They know each other oh so well,
He knows her thoughts before she tells
She knows his anger, she knows his love,
And he is a pro, the way he cares.
She is still my closest friend,
Inspite of all the distance
And I now call him a friend,
Tired of calling him an acquaintance.

I hope and wish and long and pray
That they remain together this way,
The silent ruler and his beautiful dove,
Forever shower each other with love
They got what they both deserved
I hope they don’t stay this reserved
Coz while this whole spell was cast
I was the one to know the last!

Nevertheless, I am very happy,
I have been smiling all day
To see my sweetie smile with joy
Has made this a beautiful day
I thought of writing this poetry
But now that all is said,
I think what I just composed,
Is a story Instead!


mysterious gal said...

Just one word - Amazingly Beautiful

and sweeetheart it isnt long its just freeflowing beautiful...when its over u get a feeling y did it end so soon

babes ur no doubt a amazing poetess

Keep writing
love ya

Satans Darling™ said...

Thanks Baby!!

I hope people are not bored reading it!

Nikhil said...

nice work sis!!

keep it up

IcE MaiDeN said...

really good work ash... keep em comin... :)

Rajat said...

Nice one :-D ... when do u plan to write one for me btw :-"

Satans Darling™ said...

Thanks Nik!

Thanks Annie, I think I am going to do more poetry now :P

And Rajat, I will write one for you when you earn one from me :P:D;)

^_^ Seno ^_^ said...


Satans Darling™ said...

Thanks Seno.. Muahhh

Anonymous said...

Long...? yes.

But really worth it. I took a break in between and now I'm thinking why did I do so :P


Miss Cynical said...

a poetic story is always nice to read :-) .. better than paragraphs.. the rhyme scheme gives it that essence :-) ..

great attempt ..muuahh

Brosreview said...

A poetic read; this is exactly what does not make one feel bored while reading this unusually long poem. Lengths don't matter to me. You'd know if you'd read all my songs.

Great job! It is honest, simple and brings the point across very well.

A very well done narrative poem! Keep it up!!!