Sep 30, 2010

First Impressions

So how important do you think are first impressions?

With the kind of stuff that has been happening with/around me off late, and all the distances and the splits and separations... It only makes me sit and think about the whole episode of how I met that person and how was the journey all along. But every single time I sit and think about anyone, it just hits me right at the start. "Darn, I should have known, the first thing I noticed about this person WAS this! Still I avoided taking notice of this all along!"... "Oh no, I should have known! this was so obvious when I first met her!"... or "I should have known..."

"I should have known"

"I should have known"

I have always been the kind of person who was non judgmental. I believe in second chances, I believe in letting people speak and I love it when people convince me for something that I have been against. I am not a very open person, but yes, if I do find the comfort zone with you, I will definitely go all along. Most of the people who are close to me did not put up very good first impressions. Life is so unpredictable. But like I said, with the things that have been happening, majority of the people who I have been acquainted with have started to prove me otherwise.

I am still trying to balance myself and get a rough estimate on how much to let these first impressions make an impact on me. But with all the retrospection, I get slapped in the face by introspection. A slap so hard that tells me time and again, you cannot change others for certain, but you can definitely change yourself. Don't trust people too much too soon, all they do is screw your life up because somewhere deep down inside, we all are selfish. And some special people, you do not trust them too soon, but eventually you do, and still they screw you over, coz well, they are still selfish. And then there is another category altogether. No matter how much you try to go away, they just always come around. Maybe coz' they really do care...

I think it's time to take chances again. But I think it is important to keep the first impression scanner on too!

Well I know I completely deviated somewhere in the middle, had a dear diary moment there. But it has been so long that I ranted that I'm actually gonna post this! :P

And yeah, do let me know what impression my writing gives out!

Sep 28, 2010

6 hours

The longest 6 hours of my life;
Each second seems like a year, each minute feels like one whole life...
The aching heart and crying soul,
Masked perfectly behind this smile,
Mistaken easily by this superficial world,
Are the twinkles in my eyes.

Can’t you hear my silent screams,
Over the distance that draws us apart?
Can’t you see my real dreams,
With the eyes you have deep in my heart?
Can’t you feel the teardrops on your skin,
In the gravity you hold inside my thoughts?
Can’t you smell the absence too,
I feel incomplete without you...

Life seemed so colourful
You made me feel so beautiful
I was your moon in white
You were my star so bright
I was your apple in green
You were the best there could have ever been
10,000 miles of vacuum
Yet you held me so tight

Now I’m just a lonely mess,
Everything just seems so grey,
I don’t want to, but still I guess,
You’re gone, and all I can do is pray.
Please come back , oh please come back,
For you I would lose all of time’s track...
The longest 6 hours of my life,
Each second seems like a year, each minute feels like one whole life...