Sep 30, 2010

First Impressions

So how important do you think are first impressions?

With the kind of stuff that has been happening with/around me off late, and all the distances and the splits and separations... It only makes me sit and think about the whole episode of how I met that person and how was the journey all along. But every single time I sit and think about anyone, it just hits me right at the start. "Darn, I should have known, the first thing I noticed about this person WAS this! Still I avoided taking notice of this all along!"... "Oh no, I should have known! this was so obvious when I first met her!"... or "I should have known..."

"I should have known"

"I should have known"

I have always been the kind of person who was non judgmental. I believe in second chances, I believe in letting people speak and I love it when people convince me for something that I have been against. I am not a very open person, but yes, if I do find the comfort zone with you, I will definitely go all along. Most of the people who are close to me did not put up very good first impressions. Life is so unpredictable. But like I said, with the things that have been happening, majority of the people who I have been acquainted with have started to prove me otherwise.

I am still trying to balance myself and get a rough estimate on how much to let these first impressions make an impact on me. But with all the retrospection, I get slapped in the face by introspection. A slap so hard that tells me time and again, you cannot change others for certain, but you can definitely change yourself. Don't trust people too much too soon, all they do is screw your life up because somewhere deep down inside, we all are selfish. And some special people, you do not trust them too soon, but eventually you do, and still they screw you over, coz well, they are still selfish. And then there is another category altogether. No matter how much you try to go away, they just always come around. Maybe coz' they really do care...

I think it's time to take chances again. But I think it is important to keep the first impression scanner on too!

Well I know I completely deviated somewhere in the middle, had a dear diary moment there. But it has been so long that I ranted that I'm actually gonna post this! :P

And yeah, do let me know what impression my writing gives out!


Ragpicker said...

Wow ,feels lucky to be the first one to comment :)....Another "straight from the heart" writing by you which is so blatant in its form of truth.

This post so well reminds me that I never had any good first impressions for countless times... but somehow survived the world day by day !..Thanks for sharing such a thoughtful post.


Scribbling Girl said...

Well first impressions aren't always true....because I never had best impressions about the people I have in my life for life.....some were too arrogant and some I don't give heed to it....But then sometimes they are the instinct impressions and so they work....But then as u say life is about being hurt, learn and then taking chances.....thats what life is about....

And so true abt ppl who return r one that they say leave one u love they return if they yours :)

So life and chances are both important for each other :)

Satans Darling™ said...

Hey Rag, always a pleasure to see you on my blog, please do comment on my poem too, coz I would love to have your feedback on it. It is the post before this one, 6 hours. I do agree it was straight from the heart, and in a rather confusing way. I guess it is always better to be safe than sorry. Gotta keep those strainers to strain the bad people out :P

Scribbling Girl, I totally agree with you. Life is so unexpected. It has only made me stronger by the day, I guess. :)

sulo badri said...

wah! now thats a post??!!... n am flummoxed... :-P give me a minute will you... i need to think over...


first impressions hanh?!
nope, i dont think it has done me any good (atleast by far)...n it makes me wonder who the hell am i?!

except yeah - those handful... for whom am grateful...

oopsie - did i even remotely help u feel better with the comment ;D Sorry pal - life is about learning all these i gues... :) he hee`

n oh your writin - we all love it ash.. should you even ask?! yup, we all love it soo much that i keep asking myself - 'where the hell did she go now?!' cos babe you obscond a lot ;)

Satans Darling™ said...

Heyyyy there girl :) It is always a pleasure to have you comment! I will try my best not to abscond this time! Well it is just a passing phase, I guess. And your comment always always makes me feel better. Will catch up on your blog soon!

sulobadri said...

Awww - that was sweet Ash... :) yup, it sure is a passing phase buds... All will be well soon :)

n well, am sure u will like my last post - u r one of htose to whom i hav dedicated... though i din expect u to come aroun to blogger this soon... ;D he hee`

Satans Darling™ said...

Thank you so much Sulo, I read it!

sulo badri said...

Hiii ash!!! i moved to wp... for the heck of it i guess... ;)

hope u had a grt diwali... :) waitin for ur update :)

Satans Darling™ said...

Will check you out, Belated Happy Diwali love <3

sulo said...

you have been tagged :) -

Have fun with the tag ;)