Sep 28, 2010

6 hours

The longest 6 hours of my life;
Each second seems like a year, each minute feels like one whole life...
The aching heart and crying soul,
Masked perfectly behind this smile,
Mistaken easily by this superficial world,
Are the twinkles in my eyes.

Can’t you hear my silent screams,
Over the distance that draws us apart?
Can’t you see my real dreams,
With the eyes you have deep in my heart?
Can’t you feel the teardrops on your skin,
In the gravity you hold inside my thoughts?
Can’t you smell the absence too,
I feel incomplete without you...

Life seemed so colourful
You made me feel so beautiful
I was your moon in white
You were my star so bright
I was your apple in green
You were the best there could have ever been
10,000 miles of vacuum
Yet you held me so tight

Now I’m just a lonely mess,
Everything just seems so grey,
I don’t want to, but still I guess,
You’re gone, and all I can do is pray.
Please come back , oh please come back,
For you I would lose all of time’s track...
The longest 6 hours of my life,
Each second seems like a year, each minute feels like one whole life...


Scribbling Girl said...

The hardest last hours impeding some bad comings are the most long....But then sometimes they r important for us to of loving, distance and sometimes strength!

The poem was beautifully expressed.

Satans Darling™ said...

Thank you so much! Yeah, they are the worst hours. Only that time do the emotions come flowing out like a river and poems like these are composed in a matter of minutes lol :P

Ragpicker said...

Now Im just a lonely mess
Everything just seems so grey
I dont want to, but still I guess,
You're gone, and all I can do is pray

These lines sums it up so beautifully yet so hollow. One of your best work so far. I know how real pain can sometimes make it so easy for the poetic flow of words and thats what comes from this poem. Long time since I have found a poem on this blogsphere to which I can somehow connect to in someway. QUite a lot of it speaks to me personally.

Just curious to know did you ever heard this song from a band called Nine Inch Nails -
The Day the whole world went away
. I am gona listen to it after I hit the "publish your comment" button now.Tkc


Satans Darling™ said...

Bang on Rag, I had to publish this one just because of the sheer speed in which I came up with this. I have not heard this song but I am going to do the same thing - listen to it after I hit the "publish your comment" button now :)

Thanks for the feedback it means a lot!


sulo badri said...

Woooow!!! well, that was for the poetry.... n awwww.... for the emotion...

wonderful flow of thoughts...

"I dont want to but still i guess
you're gone n al i can do is pray..."

How sweet... n yeah, sad too... love it`

Random Thoughts Of My Mind said...

beautifully expressed lady...n most impotantly I know how aptly its expressed...even when pain gives u the strength to carve such beautiful me readers like us wont mind..