Jun 13, 2011

Life, like it is.

I have been learning this more and more as each day passes - Life is unpredictable. Just when you think you've got it all figured out, it pulls you down to rock bottom and just when you have almost given up and have no more hopes, it shows you how beautiful it is. The more we get comfortable, the harder we hit the floor when we fall. So I am trying consciously to not take it for granted. I say that every time. Let us hope I stick to it this time.

I spoke of a plan. But I have realized that although there is a plan, you have no control over it. It is all destiny. Now I know some of you would come up with all that "I make my own destiny" and stuff like that, and I myself believe that destiny does not mean you leave everything up to it and stop doing things on your own, but there is a plan.

As for now I am trying to cope up with the changes in my life. Things seem to look up but I can only embrace all that with open arms - with a slight reluctance in my mind that it can change any moment, any time. Perspectives have been changing and things are being re considered. Procrastination is taking a backseat while de-cluttering steers the vessel of my life. Funny how a hot cup of coffee and the perfect weather outside can string out all the thoughts like unwinding a ball of yarn.

Hope everyone is doing well!