Dec 6, 2008

Was that the worst day of my life?

Yesterday was the birthday of my dear friend Ami. I wished her at 1203am sharp IST through SMS since I am out of town these days. She thanked all her friends, including me, in her blog entry thanking everyone for their wishes. I felt very special, mainly because it is rare to feel special in return when you make someone feel special in the first place. Everything was so good, even when we are so far from each other, we feel so near, thanks to technology and also our abilities to be good at expression :P [I'm not boasting].

What I forgot in this whole deal is that another dear friend of mine, Annie, also had her birthday yesterday. It totally skipped out of my mind! I did not know it in the first place, but had happened to read a public conversation between Annie and Ami where they had mentioned that they shared their Birth dates! I spoke to Annie this evening, apologized for being late and sent her belated wishes too, but that was not going to do any good to the horrible day she had yesterday. Deep down inside, I do know what exactly she felt yesterday. It feels really, really bad. The crazy girl that I am, I thought of making Annie feel better by telling her an experience of mine which is worse than the day she had yesterday, maybe that would make her feel better :P. I know it may not be the right thing to do, but it did not work anyway because she was in a hurry to leave.
But the whole idea that I had planned to make Annie feel better brought back some old memories, So I will put the incident down here anyway [in brief] so that she manages to read it and feel better whenever she gets the time! ;)

On my 21st Birthday, I was in Canada, unfortunately it was also my 1 year anniversary of dating my male interest, on the very same day. I ended up spending the entire day with my enemy, I did not see the face of my guy the entire day[in spite of living in the same house], and he wished me Happy Anniversary at 1201am on the next day! I had planned so many things, how I would spend a romantic evening with my beau, but it turned out exactly the opposite. He was working all day. I was away from home, away from quality family time [I always miss them a lot when they are seven seas away from me], I had no friends since I was in a new city, and I had no gifts! Can you believe a birthday with no gifts :( It sucks! Especially for me. Even if I grow 80 years old, I will still love to cut a nice cake on my birthday but I didn't even do that. No cake. I thought it would be double celebration but it was doubly worse. I cried rivers and oh well... I am not with the guy anymore either. But the moral of the whole story is that never plan your birthday! Or any special day! The more you plan the worse it goes... That is why I am open to surprises ;) Expect the best surprise but prepare for the worst.
If any of the readers of this blog entry have had a worse birthday, feel free to share!

P.S. This one was for you Annie. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday once again, have a great year ahead! And yes, the cake is for you, but I have shamelessly helped myself with the first piece. Darn, THAT is why I cannot lose my weight! Anyhow, let me know how you like it!:)


Crazy Twins said...
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Crazy Twins said...

Well said !!

I know it hurts to expect !! :'( ...if i start writing ma brief exp , i hve to blog it lol !! :P

belated wishes annie :)

Satans Darling™ said...

Please do! Do blog it! Life will be so much easier if we stop expecting, but we expect anyway /:) Grrrr!

mysterious gal said...

well the way i still remember that worse bday of urs...and that moment i had felt wish i was in canada but :-(

IcE MaiDeN said...

awwww.....reading ths long after u posted... sheesh i think we have had similiar 21st bdays... n yeah, like u said, it would have been better if i hadnt EXPECTED anythng special... the fact that i spent the night before dreaming abt all perfect things was the real spoiler... *thoughtful eyes*

neway thx for the cake,... n i m really happy u had the first piece... now leave the rest for me... haha... [:P]


ummm...well din have any such 'worst budday' till date..coz i hardly ever celebrated my buddays in any special ways..butmy 21st buday was really special dis time..

just one thng whch caught my eyes the most shishi is tat.."never plan ur birthdays or any special occassions"..

i mean very true..everythng seems to get screwed wen we plan d most..:(..
surprises henceforth are alws welcome:|

Satans Darling™ said...

Annie... The cake is all yours! Hope I am able to get you a real one by the time it is your 22nd birthday! :P

Poulami... They call is "Evil Eyes" and I am a strong believer in that!

Harshad said...

u r not gonna beleiv it...but my 21st was spoilt in d same way!! :O

except, i was with family, but only for an hour...isn't that even worse?? :(

n d #$@#@$ ex was actually bitchin bout my behaviour on that day :O