Dec 6, 2008


So THIS is how it feels like to be a part of the very talked about Blogosphere! Well, it is probably too early to use this sentence, but I am happy that I am finally blogging! I have ALMOST blogged many times before, but gave up at the last moment just because I did not know where to start from... But most of my blogger friends say that is how they all started blogging as well, so I think I will just start typing anything now.

I thought I had nothing to say but turns out I have a lot to say but just don't know where to start from. I am sitting at home jobless these days, I am sitting at home all alone right now, Life is showing its usual twists and turns and I am still flowing with it, I am outraged with the recent terror attack in Mumbai, I hate Himesh Reshammiya, I have to lose weight, these are just some of the things on my mind right now.

I used to have this small diary with a cute lock on it. I used to proudly call it my secret diary and write down about all my secret crushes and all that I wanted to say to those guys. On the other hand I also used to read it out to my best friends whenever they visited my place. I was twelve years old that time. I miss those days, I wish I had the diary, I wish I had those friends, I wish I had those crushes, I wish I could let it all out in front of my close ones like I used to before. Ah... How time changes us all...

Nevertheless, I really hope I find something to talk about soon since I am in the Brain Freeze mode right now. After effects of starting to watch the movie Yuvvraaj. Yes, I am watching Yuvvraaj as I am suffering from Insomnia tonight. Trying to sleep. I am very positively convinced that it will not disappoint me in anyway.

See you soon Blogosphere :)

P.S. : This is for the one person who actually has motivated me to do this. XOXO


Anonymous said...

LOL @ you hating Himesh Reshammiya..

And Dear.. you look pretty [if that's you on your profile pic:P]

Satans Darling™ said...

LOL :P Welcome to my blog... It was just a rant :D I hate HR a lot! And yes that is me :D