Feb 15, 2009

Tagged again! By Annie again!

I am : Original! All rights reserved!
I think : A LOT!!!
I know : a little bit of everything. Jack of all trades!
I want : A JOB! omg... Bloody recession... !#@$!@$
I have : FAT. in abundance, want some?
I wish : I had some superpowers, so I could teach all these stupid SRS people a lesson! Like shove dildo's up their asses or something :|
I hate : Yellow Chaddis :P
I miss: My classes, my lectures, my flights, I am always late!
I fear : PIGEONS... you people got NO idea.... I am absolutely petrified of them!!!
I hear : The opposite person out. Very well. While having a discussion.
I smell : like a mixture of Davidoff and Hugo Boss
I crave : Oatmeal and Egg whites for now. Better not open that door, orelse my whole diet plan will go for a toss, you would find me having cheese bursts and chocolate truffles by the end of the day!
I search : A lot on Google! People truly go like WTF when they see me googling things that are so irrelevant. But you know what, it really helps!
I wonder : This could be a long one.. I am full of general and non general wonderings! I am like the wondergirl of the wonderland :P But yeah, I do wonder why I come across soooooooo many people who are absolutely impractical and stupid! [I'm not saying I am any less, but there are worse!]
I regret : Nothing! I am happy and content with what I had and what I got now!
I love : Al Pacino. And George Clooney. And yeah Tom Cruise. How could I forget Robert De Niro? OMG now this gate has opened... Nooooooooooooooo.....How could I forget the love of my life...Manoj!
I ache : I always have some kind of ache going on. Right now, my neck is aching!
I was not : As headstrong as I am now.
I am not : A rude person!
I cry : RIVERS! That is the secret of my beautiful eyes ;;)
I believe : In Justin Baba... What goes around comes around!
I dance : All the freaking time, I mean, when I am not dancing in person, I am thinking of dancing or whenever a music plays I think of dance moves and all :| I know I am crazy!
I sing : when I am in the mood!
I read : Anything but my study material! But on a more serious note, that is what I read :| And nowadays I read BLOGS! Especially Writers Lounge, and it has so much stuff that I am having a hard time catching up!
I don't always : come across as the girl I am. People find me stubborn and full of attitude when they see me first.
I fight : When I fight, its WAR!
I write : for bliss! Writing makes me feel at complete peace!
I win : calories every time I eat :| I have them in abundance!
I lose : fights with Ash. Every single time!
I never : Sleep without brushing my teeth, no matter how drunk or wasted I am!
I always : Create a mess! I am a messy girl! More so coz I am a lazy girl too!
I confuse : I can confuse people easily! If they choose to listen with a fair ear that is.
I listen : To music. Not only instrumental. But daily music. Like the guy who is hammering on a wooden table and all :P
I can usually be found : Inside my house! Gharkombdi [House Chicken]
I am scared : of Pigeons... All the friggin way! I am so scared of them! They don't let me sleep!
I need : To lose some more weight!
I am happy : I am usually happy, I mean its like.. I am not sad! Can't complain! So yeah, I am happy :P
I imagine: Oh I Imagine so many things, Right now I am imagining myself in Paris.. Shopping!

I will not be tagging anyone, but everyone is welcome to do it and post it on your blog :) Looking forward to more tags :P They're good TP and keep the Blog alive too haha..


Apurva said...

hahahaha..verrrrrrry funny.. :D i hate yellow chaddis..
OMG!! hahahah!

Satans Darling™ said...

Hahaha... Did you see the pics Apurva?!

IcE MaiDeN said...

lolz. gharkmomdi??? :P
oh n u jus made me realize i smell of davidoff too ...n escada :)

TAGGING is fun!!! n guess wht i got this from a 14yr olds blog. :| n ther were like comments 'arent we done wid tags yet??' n THT made me feel old. :|

lolz. :D

Satans Darling™ said...

Yaaah Ghar kombdi!

Davidoff cool waters is amazing <3

Tagging is super fun :D

Miss Cynical ღ Åйu ღ said...

lol..awesome answers :D =))

PS ::: whats with yellow chaddis!! will anyone temme that!!..

read abt it in nabs answers too.. :-??