Aug 23, 2009

Jibber Jabber

Hello Everyone,

So finally, I am back, after a break longer than anticipated. I do not know whether I should be happy or sad about the fact that I did not miss blogging at all. But now that I am back, I wish I was blogging for all this time when I was away.

I had been to this Nature Cure Ashram in the outskirts of Pune city. I have been there before, but this time around I went there for some peace and quiet, away from the city, closer to nature and exploring myself.

The outing was good, but I have started to believe more strongly in the ‘Never plan anything’ story. The new location was a welcome change, but everything else went unplanned. Bad health [in a nature ‘cure’ center] and worse company kept my mind ticking and all I could do was think and think some more. There went my ‘peace and quiet’ down the drain!

After a hectic month of bed rest, I moved to Pune for a couple of weeks. And in those 14 days I realized that my mind and body are completely not in sync with each other. When I need peace and quiet, I think all day and stay on bed rest. And when I need to exercise my mind and think at the spur of the moment, I just go blank. But I have all the stamina in this world for some more shopping and some more roaming around. All I did was meaningless Jibber Jabber where I was supposed to stay attentive while studying.

All in all, it was a fun time I had. I learnt many new things. But this is just a little comeback post, just to let all of you know what I have been upto. Please refrain from reading my blog if you’re looking for some sensible and solved pieces. Coz’ all that’s coming up is some more Jibber Jabber!


mysterious gal said...

Firstly Welcome back sweetheart!

You know i missed you the most :)
I know sometimes things goes best when unplanned i have been accustomed to having the worst when i plan things and having best when least let life move with it flow
And i know how the sync between mind and body is important because that is what i least in sync at my end i tell myself i m telling u again...Take a break and a selfish break for a change.....and then get rejuvenated and things will be on track.....and this time take a unplanned break....a break where u just pick ur bag and travel to explore not knowing what to do and what in store.

I m glad u had fun in all this time too as this is important!

And i m glad ur back and i want ur jibber jabber sense is not going in my head nowadays too :P

Once again welcome back and missed you !

Lots of love

Satans Darling™ said...

Aww baby, you always make me feel better no matter how happy or sad I am. And that is why I love you so very much!


Lots of love, lets go take that unplanned break together. We need to unwind!

:: Pearly :: said...

weebeeeessss >>:D<<

one long vacation you had!..
glad you are back!
and damn, i soo want to go to some place where i can find peace ... :|

but anyways,
happy to see you around! :)
keep smiling,
love ya
>:D< :-*

MultiMenon said...

welcome baccckkkkk... :))))

Soo elated to see you back.. :) and yeah,that's a difference I see in my blogroll,finally..YAY!!! :D Its also very heartening to see ppl putting in their lives in front of all the rest of them coz if u ask me,that's precisely how it needs to be.. :)

Welcome back once again ashyyy.. :))
Harvest.. :D


Anonymous said...

Heyaaaaaaaaaaa! Sissy... Welcome back!!

I was so so so excited and haapy when i saw ur blog has been updated:) Missed you a lot:(

Now you are back, I am so happy dear:)

Hope things get well soon and God bless you with the best of his blessings:)

take care:)

sawan said...

Welcome back Ashrita :)
i read Nature Cure and i thought u came to hyd! :) we have a place called Nature Cure Hospital here. never been there though. think its kinda a diferent world altogeter. u take gud care of urself. have fun.

Hopeless Romantic said...

welcome back :)

Brosreview said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to your posts!

AMIT said...

Welcome back again.

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Satans Darling™ said...

Hello Pearlyyyyy

Well, I know with a hectic schedule such as ours, it is very difficult to get some time for ourselves... Hope you get to have your peace and quiet soon! Missed you :)

Satans Darling™ said...


I knew that you would be waiting for my post the most :D Hope you're doing well, I will be back to blogging full throttle soon!

Satans Darling™ said...

Hiya Nuchu <3

Well, I missed you too, and you know what, I saved the pic of the Mehendi you had on your blog and I made the exact same one on my hands too :P

Will read all your posts soon :) Happy 100 to you

Satans Darling™ said...

Hi Sawan,

Hope you're in the pink of health too, I remember you were unwell around the time I left. Yes, Nature Cure is another world altogether. But I think I need the best of both worlds :P

Satans Darling™ said...

Thank you Amit :)

Satans Darling™ said...

Hello Ajey, I am looking forward to your comments too :)

Satans Darling™ said...

Thanks Amit :)

neeraj_only said...

Welcome back. ye baat alag hai me away from blogging for so long.....aise chupke se kuch blog padh lete hain n comment bhi kar deth hain :-P

btw kitna peace mila, kuch junta mein bhi share kiya jae :-)

HaRy!! said...

Welcome back Ash... :) long break eh....yeah that quite relaxes yu..does'nt it? am waitin to take one!! hope to c yu blogging soon :) tc

H a R y

Adisha said...

Welcome back ... I so relate to you ... me to ohave me away from blogging...didn't miss it earlier and now wish i was living here only :D Good to know you had a good break !