Dec 31, 2013

2014 Checklist.

Hello Blogosphere!

I guess the relationship between me and this blog has become that what is between two people who were once best friends, but now only end up calling each other on Birthdays (New Year in this case) but that doesn't mean one bit that they do not love each other. They just understand the absence. The annual phone call (blog post) becomes introspective and self evaluative which is always a good thing, but one thing remains constant, that comfort level like you just met yesterday, and updating each other on life happenings is just so much fun!

So here I am, in that introspective and self evaluative mode, with last year's checklist, and in full swing to make a new one.

2013 Checklist:

1. Get fitter, leaner. FAIL. I have been neglecting my health all of this year and really need to buck up and make a change in my routine for my own well being.

2. Think a million times before letting people into your life. Check. I am of the kind who refuses to let go of things. Be it people or instances which hurt me. While I am still working on that, I have been very very careful about letting new people into my life. Funny thing is, the more I try to shun some people away, they carve their way into my heart. I am only thankful and I feel so loved that I earned not one but two beautiful friends this year.

3. Get your dream job. Check+Fail Baking has been going on full throttle *touchwood* and my creative juices have been flowing in full swing. Whatever keeps me creating new stuff everyday definitely makes me happy! But still waiting for my Flying job!

4. Reward yourself more often. Check Just yesterday I was talking about this same thing with someone, saying that I have decided to reward myself more often. I have been shopping for myself steadily over the second half of this year, and maybe spent a bit too much on myself but hell, I love it!

5. Try not getting hurt by what other people say about you. Check+Fail Like I said in point 2. above, it has been difficult to let go. But I have been making a conscious effort at not letting those things affect me. Still need to work on it though!

6. Travel more. Check Traveled to Mussoorie this year for a wedding! Then the numerous Delhi trips, Miami happened, and I know its lame but being a Mumbaikar I only managed to reach Lonavala this year! So a big Check!

7. Manage a Piggy Bank. Check. I have been lousily managing one. But yes I have been managing one and thats what counts :P

8. More Shoes, More Make up! Check People! I have 8 new pairs of shoes and a whole new make up wardrobe! *happy dance*

9. Give up on Aerated Drinks except Soda with a squeeze of Lemon/Sweet Lime. Check I actually have grown over Aerated Drinks except I crave for Cola with Pizza or Butter Chicken.

10. Love the love like you never loved anyone else. Check. Check. Check. I am head over heels in love.

80% ain't bad!! :D I am happy!

Here goes my checklist for 2014:

1. Lose Weight. Get Fit. Build Stamina.

2. Run a Marathon

3. Travel More with Lover.

4. Get a Flying Job.

5. Learn to Let Go

6. Value people who value you.

7. Help the needy.

8. Learn to Listen

9. Write more often

10. Learn a new Language.

Lets see how this goes! Bring it on 2014! 

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