Mar 24, 2009

Horns and Halos

I have been inspired to write this poem by my blogger buddy Rag. This one is a response to his poem Alter Halo, and also a sequel to my earlier composition, Transformation.

You wish yourself a lot of things

You wished, had things been alright

You would not ask for a better someone

Nor wish he had never occurred.

You showcased denial; you faced your trial,

Standing in the middle of nowhere you wonder

What went wrong? Why did you falter?

You ignored and avoided his constant voices,

You rendered deaf ears; I know you heard him alright

Why dig your past? You already made your choices.

Why did you not confront the snake that did not bite?

While your sore eyes close; to sleep, awake to nightmares,

He lives his night, Isn’t he the ghost of your sight?

As you wait for a new beginning,

You try erasing your past,

But mind you, it’s all in vain,

He will last as long as you last.

Enter the Angel, I am not the Ghost,

I will not witness, I will warn and try,

Don’t lend me your deaf ear,

For I speak wise, I will brush

Your sore eyes while they fall asleep

To a new world of dreams,

But here is my first warning,

Do not try to kill him now,

Not now, not ever, not till its forever.

For Ghosts, they have no existence,

But they exist where Angels do,

When you accept me into your life,

Make sure you take him too.

As you trot this Globe,

Gather the knowledge of the wise,

And selfishly live your dream,

We will watch you shine,

We shall talk, take you into confidence,

And now again, the choice will be yours.

But remember this now and always,

It is not how hard you get hit in life,

It is how hard you get hit, and still keep going.

P.S. I just could not wait till I posted this one :P I hope you like it Rag!

And yeah, the last two lines are from Rocky Balboa :P I love that movie!

Readers, please do comment on this one :)


Anonymous said...

awesome !!! i could relate to it at places ... and i always forget to tell you, your profile pic is so nice !!!

Anonymous said...

oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
just something i wanted to read.. wat a pleasant coincidence :)

Kishore Choudhary said...

मुझे आपकी भाषा में उपयुक्त शब्द नहीं मिले इस लिए हिंदी में ही सुनिए " कविता की सुन्दरता है कि अपने अंतर्मन का प्रतिरोध करती हुयी उसी के समर्थन में आ खड़ी होती है हर शब्द पर, साथ ही मन के आत्ममुग्ध कोनों पर डालती है जरा जरा रोशनी"

sawan said...

thats a very matured one! ashrita, luvd the way you wrote it.

u take care :)

neeraj_only said...

hey i had mentioned i have become your fan in first i am know why?....good poem from you.

but i need to read the poem once more to get to grasp more .For commenting i did like the lines..

#"As you wait for a new beginning,
You try erasing your past,
But mind you, it’s all in vain "

last day i did come across a statement from "socrates"......"even god can not change past , but future is there to be made"......hey ur lines say the same.

carry on ....waiting for more blog entries from you.

Ragpicker said...

I'm speechless. You just took my ALter Halo to a new dimension altogether. Now I'm thinking why I wrote Alter halo in the first place. Because the real Alter was not Evan's thoughts but the wonderful sequel that awaited at your fingers.

I will never forget these lines :
Why did you not confront the snake that cannot bite ?
Hits real hard ..
He lives in the night , Isnt he the ghost of your sight <--- this part elevates the rest of the poem magically

<---------Absolute Masterpiece--------->
But mind you,it's all vain
He will last as long you last
Enter the Angel, I am not the Ghost
I will not witness,, I will warn and try

<------Absolute Masterpiece--------->

I so very ignited by this poem. Time for some neat heroin ;).

Thanks Ash ...may the devil bless you with all powers of wordcraft and you keep playing with them till the world becomes void of creativity.


Satans Darling™ said...


I think I made some sense then, if it did relate to you :) And thank you so much for the compliment!

Always love reading your comments!

Satans Darling™ said...


We are connected, don't you remember? :) Glad you liked it :D

Satans Darling™ said...

Yes Kishore,

You got it right! That is what I was trying to convey. The harsh reality! Point by point...

Thank you so much Kishore!

Satans Darling™ said...

Thanks a lot Sawan :) Glad you liked it!

Satans Darling™ said...


It is perfectly alright if you did not get it in the first reading. In Transformation, There is a girl who has a face off with her own life, with herself, just when she is about to give up on it. In Alter Halo, my friend Rag has spoken about Giving up too... So I have tried to give it a new dimension through this poem just trying to point out that if you do believe in Devils or Ghosts, then you also need to believe in Angels. If we give up on ourselves and start mourning then the Devil [Who is a part of us, in the form of selfish motives and evil thinking :P] might just take advantage of that! Hence we have to keep going forward, no matter what!

I hope that made some sense to you :)

Satans Darling™ said...


What do I say? You just made my day! I really think I am not even half as good as you, but I really wanted it to make some sense, as I could not stop myself from composing this! And Yay!!! You did like it!

You go get high on that Heroin while I get myself some weed :D Time for elevation!

Your comment meant a lot and you know it! Thanks a ton for making my day Rag :)

Dream'R said...

if i said u have a way with words...that d be an understatement..seriously gal..ur poems r damn good...and this one is quite mature too..
and btw..i thought i d heard the last verse somewhere, being a big rocky fan myself..;-)..

Satans Darling™ said...

Thank you so much Amithhhhhhh.... I love Rocky tooo! And I watched the movie just yesterday so I could not stop myself from adding that line in there!

neeraj_only said...

hey arshi...thx for the explanation about this poem. Beautifully done by you....."both exist together....angels and devils"....and we shall let them be together...and move on :)

after going through your blog i am planning to try my luck with "writing-poem" .actually i have never tried writing poems.wish to reach the 'level-of-yours' someday...hehe :)

let's see what happens

Satans Darling™ said...


How sweet is that! You should definitely try your hand at poetry :) And you should go back on my Blog and read my earlier poems, I used to suck big time. I am better now :P

All the best Neeraj!

mysterious gal said...

WOW *applauses*
that was my first reaction when i read it......gosh ur just too good.....u shd seriously consider becoming a poet professionally...i find myself too amateur when i see ur poems.....
and i could actually relate and feel it ...i m actually speechless ...loved it to the core :-)

Satans Darling™ said...


First of all you write some pretty good stuff yourself :P Chane ke jhaad par matt chadhao yaar! But I am glad you liked it!

mysterious gal said...

chane ke jhaad pe :O....sachai ka zamana hi nahi raha :P....i know my stuff too thats y i know how amazing ur ....i need tips from u very soon re :D

Saif said...

ooh its fantastic...n i remember those lines from Rocky Balboa...

Satans Darling™ said...

Nabs :P

Satans Darling™ said...

You do, don't you Saif? :) Thank you for liking it!

Seno said...

Man you are on a roll, which shows how disturbed you are , as I am :P

In a positive way , yes as you said, yours is a somewhat darker version of mine ;-) , but the emotions match strikingly! I will mail you today ! and we will be in touch !


Dream'R said...

WHICH ONE??..xcept for the last one..all of em rock!!

workhard said...

Hi, that is some good piece of work, though in some places it did prick, kinda reality reminisencing in places..Good one..


pisku said...

this is some writing :)

Satans Darling™ said...

I got your mail Seno, and yeah it is a darker version of what your poem says. But you know what, I am not disturbed :D I just write while visualizing stuff! So I am all fine! Now let me reply to that email :D

Satans Darling™ said...


I watched the last 2 parts of Rocky! I love them all! Although I always finish up disheartened that the series got over :(

Satans Darling™ said...


Thanks for liking it, thanks a lot for visiting my Blog :) Do keep dropping by!

Satans Darling™ said...

Thank you Pisku :) Do keep visiting :)

Anonymous said...

you have been awarded... visit my blog.. :)

Satans Darling™ said...

YAYYYY.. Thank you Pinku :D Muahzz

Som said...

Transformation was seamless .. and there where the beauty of the poem lies...

Satans Darling™ said...

Thanks a lot Som :) It is very close to my heart!

aZoed said...

awwwwweosome! [your blog dosesn't allow copying... so I'm typing these]

...For Ghosts, they have no existence,
but they exist where Angels do, when you accept me into your life,
make sure you take him too...

so true and enlightening for those who question the very existence light... it's there because of the dark... and each day, the choices that we make keep setting us up with more of them to make, the next day... I know I'm going off track, but this lovely piece is making me think so much...

P.S. : Do I need to start watching Rocky Balboa from the first one?

Satans Darling™ said...

aZoed, thanks for loving it! And honestly, The Rocky series does deserve a watch right from the beginning :) I can guarantee that you will love it!

workhard said...

Hey u know what.. u excelll in this stuff...

Brosreview said...

This shall easily stay as one of your fine works! The harsh reality been highlighted rather differently here! Hmm, I am tempted to call this slightly greyish in expression. Great job! Keep writing!!!

Satans Darling™ said...

Thank you so much workhard :) It is all thanks to Rag

Satans Darling™ said...

Thanks a lot Brosreview!